Our daily routine could sometimes feel like an incredibly hectic burden. When we get it done, we feel so satisfied, that it is at times inexplicable! Some of the tasks may seem silly, yet they are mostly what we take pride in accomplishing during our busy day.

1. The Daily Workout

You can’t deny that the morning workout is THE all day, most SATISFYING feeling IF you actually do it!

2. When EVERYTHING is clean

The feeling you get when the house is clean, and you just showered is the CLEANEST feeling in the world!

3. The Perfect Winged Eyeliner

Perfecting your wing, we’ve all been through the mess. AND when you finally do it THAT feeling is Ecstatic!

4. Spending an “alone day”

After a tough week, spending that one day where you can kick back with a book or binge watch a sitcom, that right there is your HAPPY place.

5. Applying makeup properly in a moving car

On your way to the outing you’re 500000 minutes late to, and you sit there in your car trying to put on your lipstick and you finally do. AMAZING!

6. Going to bed before midnight

Getting to bed early to get up in the morning at a reasonable time is our favorite. We all need that beauty sleep! YAAAY

7. Painting your nails on your own, mess free

A trip to the salon can be inconvenient at times, you decide to do them yourself. When your cuticles are nail polish free and your fingers stay colorless, that’s POWERGIRL in action!

8. Finally cleaning out your closet

No matter your age, cleaning out your wardrobe is something we all dread.

9. Getting ready at an appropriate time

After your friend calls and tells you they’re on their way, that doesn’t qualify for “getting ready time”. When it does however, and you end up ready and waiting for them your Pride overcomes you!

10. Getting the laundry right

Messing up the laundry is a major mood killer. That’s why getting it right from the first time is one of the most satisfying feelings in the world.

11. Getting through those 8 glasses of water a day

The second you realize you got through all of the required water glasses during the day, you immediately feel your skin clearing up, your fat going down, and your body feeling better.

12. Take a shower, put on a facemask, and spa yourself!

Taking care of yourself is something that makes us all proud. Soothing coconut oil on your skin and tying your hair in a steam towel maybe the most ‘spa-tisfying’ feeling we get before bed!

Those who say we are complicated and complex, have no idea how easy it is for us to feel satisfied. All we need to do is go through this list once or twice a month and we’re good.