So we just celebrated Mothers day and our instagram accounts are full of  ‘set el habayeb’ and ‘my queen’  pics; which is kinda cute! I just hope we don’t forget how much we love and respect our moms the very next day when we ask for that cash to buy a new thing that’s on sale.

I truly believe Egyptian Mothers are simply the best! All the way from waking you up everyday at 6 am, picking you up from school, to cooking your lunch 3ashan teltahemo

On the other hand, 3ashan e7na a little bit of everything in this country, we have the five types of Egyptian mothers… Just make sure mama doesn’t read this w heya hata el shebsheb 3ala tarabeza. 

Here we go:


This Mother is always at home making sure everything looks perfect. She is the one with all the taste in decor. She probably has a huge bunch of friends who all have nicknames shosho, meme and zozo, and they spend hours on the phone chatting. She is a big fan of Turkish series and the house has to be filled with snacks all the time. Your MAMA will be always consumed with that new macarona bahsamel everyone is talking about, and will make sure she feeds you, if you feel down.

mothers-type one


This mama is so loving that she believes that taking your marriage issues into her own hands is the sole way to getting it done. She will be always asking you to come and meet up tant ferial w ebnaha mo7e fel nady. She will always comment on whether you have your make up on perfectly. If you are a boy, you will hear a lot of ‘ah da 7amada mabysebsh el gym’ on the phone and a lot of ‘hazaghrat emta?’. She probably has all wedding details set since you were born and you just need to find the one.

mothers-type 2


This Mama is so cool, she is always up at 6 am to enjoy a jog in the morning. She probably takes very good care of her looks, and is more towards being a hot MAMA. She is the one who recommends places for you to hang out in, and all your friends seem to be friends with your mom. This mama probably will not be so obsessed with macarona bashamel because she will pay someone to do that. Being that modernized, she will be always keen that you enjoy a happy and joyful life…do these MAMAs exist?


This one is a very common type of mothers, and by far the most hilarious. She wants to be cool for you, and has a deep sense of tradition that she cannot give up on! She probably has an iphone and a facebook account with no idea of how to use either. She will be okay with your boyfriend driving you home as long as dad thinks it is Mona, your bestfriend. She is the Mum who asks you ‘ma3ak cigara’ but then kicks your butt if you said yes!!

mothers type 4


You should probably hear  ‘ba3ate el mail’ and ‘ I’ll be there on time’ a lot at the dining table. This Mama will be between laptops and 7elal tefal. She will sometimes mistaken one of her kids’ names for her boss. She will have access to the best nannies and shaghalat in town


This type of mama is the one that makes you wonder whether she is in sixth grade or married with Mona and Ahmed. She will probably look so tired with all the diapers change and will have her outfit all stained with baby food. She will be having discussions about the best milk formulas in town and how her husband knows nothing about babies…should they?


mothers-before ending

Well, to wrap it up, while the Egyptian community in fact has a hundred other types of mothers besides those, yet all share the awesomeness within. I just wanted to salute all the MAMAs out here. You are doing a terrific job, raising us up and making us who we are, and just because we don’t tidy our rooms or get the dry-clean on time, doesn’t mean we do not appreciate our MAMAs. We really do! #HappymothersMONTH