Taking a taxi has turned into an agonizing experience for most of us lately. Whether you’re used to riding cabs or you occasionally take one, you must have suffered from the following:

“Taxi ya abla?”

First of all, “ana msh abla!” Secondly, “ana etfasalt; I’m not going to let you drive me!”

Flashlight flashlight and klaxon all the way

Why do all taxi drivers keep turning their flashlights on and off insanely while loudly pressing their horns nonstop!! I CAN SEE YOU, and I still choose to ignore you; get over it!

Mr. Arrogant

Most probably, after all the hustle of the loud klaxon and flashlights, he will rudely refuse to take you to where you want to go. Why the arrogance, mister?

“I’m watching you”

watching you
Rear view mirrors were invented for drivers to see what’s happening behind them in the street, not for taxi drivers to keep staring at their clients, right?

“Let’s break the ice; we have a long trip ahead of us”

break ice
You know those drivers who keep talking and talking the whole trip? Yeah! We become best buddies by the time we reach our destination.

“Yalla neshtem fel balad”

You know those drivers who do nothing but keep discussing politics and cursing the government and media? Those are the worst. “Kefaia dawsha!!”
The hardest choice is: mahraganat or 7ashish

When choosing a taxi, you either end up with the crazy one who’s obsessed with mahraganat or the quiet daydreaming one who’s lost in the world of his weed cigarette.

However, from time to time you end up with the old cute driver who still listens to Abdelhalim Hafez, and tells you that you’re “zai bentohom” and keeps complaining about the other taxi drivers’ attitudes. I really like those ones, but unfortunately, they are hard to find nowadays.

Good luck with your taxi journey!