Being overly hygienic can be a blessing and a curse at the same time. On one hand, you know you are much safer than other people because you actually care about the germs overrunning the world. But on the other hand, you have to suffer daily when dealing with the world outside the comfort of your germ-free fortress. Here are some things germaphobic people suffer from:


1. Being overly protective of your things:

Your things are YOUR things, what so hard to understand about that? Your stuff is basically off limits; no one is allowed to touch your things, or sleep in your bed, or at any cost come near your pillow or hair brush, is that asking for too much here? Sharing is NOT caring! This isn’t Kindergarten anymore.

2. Obsessively cleaning everything:

You have to clean everything before using it. Even if no one else used it, you have to clean it first because of the conspiracy theory that someone might have touched it first and contaminated it.


3. Being forced to shake hands because of social standards:

Shaking hands for you is a punishment in itself. I mean, why on Earth I should touch that hand? I don’t know whether it’s clean or not. Can’t we just fist bump? That’s in right now, isn’t it?


4. Having to touch money with an unknown history:

You just hate taking money from the guy at the kiosk or the taxi driver. The thought of knowing that his hands might have been in his nose or maybe elsewhere is disgusting! Someone hand me a napkin so I don’t have to touch this money.

5. The never ending urge to wash your hands:

You certainly have the urge to wash your hand every 2 minutes even if you did nothing. You still do it just in case, then apply skin moisturizer because your skin is too dry from all that incessant washing.


6. Expertly dodging sleepover invitations:

You get to miss every sleepover at your friends’ because you just can’t sleep on a mattress that doesn’t belong to you or a pillow that someone else has used. So you either miss the sleepover altogether or take your stuff with you and deal with your friends’ mockery, But who needs friends when you have sanitizers?


7. Camping will never make it to your bucket list:

Experiencing the wild is just a dream for you; you’re not sleeping next to the snakes and insects and you’re definitely not peeing in the middle of the desert.


No one seems to understand the hygiene issues, they think we’re freaks. But at least no one thinks twice before shaking our hands!