We’ve all had it; the perfect job, with a perfect salary, perfect coworkers, and perfect everything. Except for one teeny tiny part – a terrible boss that you can’t handle! Chances are, you hate him, he hates you, and it’s a mutual hate that can’t be dealt with. This could either lead to you quitting your job, getting fired, or maybe even killing your boss? Could happen! Till either of this happens, you struggle with your boss. I understand you – we have to deal with all these situations everyday…

1) Awkward good mornings

It’s early, you didn’t have your morning coffee, and there he is; your boss. You have to pretend you’re happy to see him and give him a fake smile. Sometimes you actually try to be friendly and be nice. He’ll probably end up telling you how much you suck at your job and makes you feel like crap in the morning.


2) Taking credit for your ideas

You come up with a brilliant idea in meetings, but they get dismissed just because 5 minutes later, he’ll say the same idea pretending it was his and takes all the credits for it.


3) You’re forced to listen to their “motivational and inspirational” ideas

Something all terrible bosses have in common, they think they’re the best in everything. They’ll keep forcing you into hearing their stupid inspirational stuff and they’re actually convinced it’s life changing. It’s usually their way of telling you I’m better than you in work and life.



4) You’re always skipped in promotion days

Everyone is either getting promoted or at least a raise and you’ll just be sitting there plotting your boss’s murder…


5) Getting the death stare when you disagree

Anyone could disagree with the boss and it could turn into a healthy debate, except for you. You get death stares when you disagree.


6) You’re micomanaged

Your boss, if the know it all, of course he’ll micromanage. Problem is, he has no idea what he’s doing.



7) They stalk you on Social media

Chances are they follow you on social media. They keep judging what you do, and ask you to stop partying and work, even on your weekends. You’re scared of posting anything, cause they’ll definitely mention it at work. They don’t want to see you happy or having fun. They’ll always burst your bubble!


8) You give up and accept everything

You hate your boss, your boss is stupid and hates you too. You accept the situation and deal with it…