A career in the advertising field isn’t just any regular job, it’s a whole unique lifestyle! Of all the careers out there, this one literally takes over your life. You unconsciously change after stepping in; undoubtedly, you will never be the same person even after you leave.

Here’s how to recognise an advertising agency member of staff:

They think they’ll be rich and successful

The Struggles of Working in a Media and Advertising Agency

Media and advertising jobs promise handsome paychecks and sound like a huge success. IT’S A BIG FAT LIE!!!! All the employees are either miserable, broke, or on the verge of a mental breakdown!

Working hours are a one way street

Working hours policy only applies to arrival. When it comes to leaving the office, working hours simply don’t exist. Employees just rot at the office like the cooperate slaves that they are!

They can’t get sick

The Struggles of Working in a Media and Advertising Agency

Calling sick is NOT an option! If they’re dying in bed, with a high fever, their boss would tell them “Eh el tsayob da? 3yana w 7rrtk 39.5 bas? W kman 3ayz yom agaza?!”

Their office is their home

They could spend days, or even weeks, without ‘visiting’ their real homes. They would only go home to get some sleep, if they’re lucky.

They forget what real food is

They either live in the office or on the street. They’re always snacking on munchies or eating junk processed food. Their bodies could literally digest anything!

Delivery boys are their bbfs

The Struggles of Working in a Media and Advertising Agency

The lucky ones who only eat fast food are friends with all the delivery boys from all the different fast food chains.

They have their own language

Their “work terms” are everyday terms, only pronounced differently. They just don’t leave their newly Arabized English at the door; they use it in real life too. Briefing becomes “habarief”; Approval becomes “Aprave”; Handling becomes “Bhandel”. If you come across anyone who uses these terms, you should realise they most definitely work in the advertising field!

They spend more time with their clients than with their friends and families

They never stop calling, texting, or emailing their clients. If the client doesn’t get in touch with them for a couple of hours, they get worried and might even call to check on them.

“Enty kowisa ya Marwa habibty? Aslk mn awel el yom mb3tleesh 7aga etkhadet 3liky!”

If you’re dating someone who works in an ad agency, expect clients to be like their mistresses!
Their friends think they changed after they got the job

The Struggles of Working in a Media and Advertising Agency

They always get messages and calls from their friends asking why they stopped getting in touch. Why did they change? They didn’t change! Bas Marwa el client msh sayba wa2t le el wa7ed yesheel el manicure el ashar 7ata!

Their relationships are always an epic fail

They spend way too much time with their clients and on their work; they could literally forget about their partners. 90% of the office’s population is either single, divorced, or in a failing relationship.

They know how to deal with dumb people

If they’re dealing with a local account, the client is dumb and doesn’t understand anything. If they’re dealing with a multinational account, they’re still dealing with a dumb client who thinks they’re smart and know everything.

To get their work done, they have to make the dumbasses feel smart and special. This talent is great in real life too!


Now, give your friends who work in the media and advertising field some much needed love. They deserve it! And a special shout out for dedication to the MI7 crew. Here’s some love from the Identity team!

The Struggles of Working in a Media and Advertising Agency