To the outsiders, working in social media might sound like a piece of cake! You post random stuff on Facebook, and take pictures on Instagram – I mean how hard can it really be? Well, reality is, it’s way worse than you might ever think. While we might not have a physically demanding job, it’s still very mentally demanding, and time consuming. If you work in social media, you’ve definitely faced some of the struggles below:

You have no working hours


Your working hours are 24/7. You could be asked by your boss or client to post something at 3 am, and you have no option to say I ain’t getting out of bed!

Typos are your worst enemy

Typos suck for everyone, but for the social media people, it’s a life and death situation. EVERYONE MENTIONS IT! The followers, your client, your boss, your coworkers, your friends, your mother, this random person walking down the street, etc.


And the dreaded moment when it’s too late to fix the typo because it’s already boosted

Facebook, please give us the option to edit after the post is boosted!

You have to deal with others’ screw ups

Your client screwed up? You have to handle all the heat as a result. No one understands that you’re only the messenger; they all crucify you anyway.

No one understands how hard it is to not cuss the commenters


People come to you with the stupidest comments and questions ever! Let’s not forget the ones who comment without actually reading the article, or trying the product posted. They just like to attack for the sake of it.

You sometimes have to break the code to understand messages


You receive tons of messages from people who speak English very best, and go to school by bus. Even if you reply in Arabic, they still reply back in English and you just have no clue what they really want to say!

You have to go to events, and most of them actually suck

Not everyone who works in social media does, but a large number are forced to attend events, drive for hours, and lose a whole day of their precious lives just to capture a picture or two.

You’re out of captions

It’s impossible to be smart and witty with every single caption. If you’re not, your client might lose their sh*t!

When every other company but yours receives gifts 

Most companies send free product or food samples for social media companies to give them free social media promotions. When your company doesn’t receive gifts, you automatically get blamed for it. “WHY ISN’T OUR SOCIAL MEDIA STRONG ENOUGH SO WE’D GET FREE FOOD TOO? WE’RE HUNGRY!”