Our super talented actors didn’t leave any small bit of their gift in reserve this Ramadan. With every new episode, they expose a new card to turn the wheel in their favor and win the game. Now that we are at the finishing line of the Ramadan marathon, let’s give it for those actors who wowed us this year.

In no particular order, here are the top 5 actors who stole the show this Ramadan: 

1. Bassel Khayat 

He didn’t just steal the show, he owned it! When it comes to acting, this guy is the real deal, and all actors should take a page out of his book. He even outdid his performance last year in 30 Youm which was phenomenal. His psychopath role this year is epic!

2. Amr Abd El-Gelil 

Ruthless, devious, and vengeful; that’s in few words what Harby‘s character is all about in Taye3. And you can see all these evil qualities in Amr Abd El-Gelil’s eyes. He took his performance to a whole new level of evilness, creating a love/hate relationship between us and Harby. Chapeau!

3. Amr Youssef – Amir Kararah 

It’s a tie between these two action figures whose series stole the show this year with flying colours. They entertained us with their exceptional performances, and left us at the edge of our seats with what their character will do next.

4. Mourad Makram – Walid Fawaz 

Sometimes, supporting actors simply steal the show! That’s what these two capable actors did! Aziz in Layaly Eugenie managed to tug our heartstrings with a one of a kind performance by Mourad Makram. As for Walid Fawaz, his role in El Rehla is simply phenomenal.

5. Fathy Abd El Wahab 

That guy! No one can deliver the evil maniac character wrapped in a sarcastic act like Fathy Abd El-Wahab does. From the facial expressions, the hysterical laughter, the agitated moves; he dazzled the audience this year in Abo Omar El Masry. Hats off!

Do you agree with our list? Who is your favourite actor this year?

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