People We Hate Without Reason

Have you ever hated someone even though you really had no reason to hate them and are perfectly aware of that? You don’t need to get defensive about this; it’s okay. We’ve all hated people for nothing more than mere pettiness.

In fact, we think there are a few people we can all agree on hating even if they’ve done absolutely nothing to us at all. Trust us, you don’t like them too.


With the worst reputation of all time, dentists aren’t exactly a surprise feature on this list. See, for every five bad stories about a doctor’s appointment, at least four are about dentists.

We’re not sure just what it is. Maybe it’s the loud tools, maybe it’s the impending fear that something painful is going to happen.

The eyebrow lady at the hair salon

This one is mostly a ladies’ special and sadly, this person is way too “around” to not mention. You’ll know her when you see her too.

She’s that one lady who will wreck your eyebrows and will then proceed to accuse you of getting your eyebrows done somewhere else because “they look terrible” and this is, in no way, her fault.

The bawab when you’re home after 11 P.M.

Okay, let’s just put this out there. We know we’re not doing something wrong. Maybe there was an appointment, a work function, a late-night tutoring — whatever happened, the end result is that we’re just late…but it’s not like the bawab will take that into consideration before he starts being incredibly judgmental.

A couple at the metro station

You know, we could have very easily written down slow walkers and you would have immediately agreed but there’s arguably someone worse out there.

Couples at the metro station kind of do this thing where they walk around, holding hands, side by side and thereby block any way of you over-passing them on the stairs or at the ticket office.

Actors when they play parts we really don’t like

There truly is nothing on earth like the absolute vitriol you feel to a TV/movie actor when they get a part that you don’t like.

Honestly, it’s some kind of stunning how intense this hate gets sometimes. And you know what else? You may end up hating the actor in real life too.

Who else do you want to add to the list?