We’re pretty sure you’ve been feeling the same way about the overrated Netflix series. And you must be tired of binging the same old ones.

Well, we’re here to tell you that you may or may not have missed out on a few underrated ones that are really worth being a couch potato for.

Here are the top 5 underrated Netflix series you guys need to start binge watching, like, NOW:

#1 Dynasty

This show isn’t exactly underrated, but with all the new releases, we just need to remind people of its greatness.

Dynasty is exactly how a soap opera should be. Wealthy family? Check. Family drama? Big time. Backstabbing, feuds and more dramatic events? Check, check, check!

Starring Elizabeth Gillies, Nathalie Kelley, James Mackay and a long list of huge talents; we promise you’re in for a fun ride!

#2 Bodyguard

This one goes out for those who like to watch investigative stories, corruption fighting and political mysteries.

Bodyguard is a British series that basically gives off those “House of Cards” vibes. From the criminal plot twists to the eventful storyline about uncovering corruption, between the lies and everything else; you’ll definitely love this one.

And for all the Game of Thrones’ Rob Stark fanatics; it’s starring Richard Madden so, more reasons to binge now!

#3 Dollar

Although this one won’t be on Netflix until August 8th, we decided to include it in the list because it’s one of the few Arabic originals on the platform. Therefore; yes, it’s already underrated.

Set in modern day Lebanon and starring Lebanese actors Adel Karam and Amal Bouchoucha, the events of the Arabic series revolve around a man who comes up with a phenomenal idea that involves a million dollar trick for a new bank. And that’s when his life changes in so many mysterious/dramatic ways!

We can’t wait for this one and are really hoping it turns out as promising as it seems! 

#4 Dark

It’s true that many people were raving about this a couple of weeks back on social media. However, some are yet to pick it up.

Especially those who really liked “Stranger Things” and the movie “IT“. The German TV series is about missing children and a million mysteries and puzzle pieces that need solving.

With the supernatural element, “Dark” will get you hooked from the very first episode as you search for answers and dig up the past with the characters.

#5 The Good Place

So many people have said that watching “The Good Place” is rewarding, and we can gladly confirm that!

Seeing Kristen Bell again in a series is pretty nice, especially that she hasn’t been in one since “Veronica Mars“. However, this one is more of a light-hearted/comedy kind of series.

It revolves around a woman who had been bad all her life and is both suspicious and relieved when she wakes up in the afterlife and finds herself in the good place.

And now, all that’s left is to say: HAPPY WATCHING! Let us know which series grabbed your attention the most.