Just as we like to tell you about the best places to eat around town, we also like to give you heads up when our experience isn’t that pleasant! And because we always try to give the most genuine unbiased reviews, we’ll tell you about our mediocre experience at Ted’s in City Star, Nasr City. Ted’s location is perfect (mainly for the people residing in the City Stars vicinity); parking inside the multistory underground parking of a mall is always so easy! Honestly speaking, the setting of the place (hats off to Eklego) is quite remarkable and amazing! Having three different “rooms”: the Bakery, the Beverage Bar and the Cheese Room is a new and brilliant concept that attracted many people (like us) to try out the place!

Ted's Cheese Platter
Ted’s Cheese Platter

We were a bit let down by their food, however, as we expected it to live up to the standards of their branding! To start off, we’ll discuss their appetizers. A great way to start your meal (and that’s if you’re anywhere, literally) is to try out their Cheese Platter; Brie, Camembert, Gruyere and of course Blue Cheese! They were all rich, delicious, and definitely worth trying, even though we suggest that you ask for more bread!

Ted's Calamari
Ted’s Calamari

Another great appetizer is their fried calamari; it’s cooked to perfection, and has a great crispy texture, which is even more delicious with their tartar sauce and a slight squeeze of lemon!

Ted's Pizza
Ted’s Pizza

As for their main courses; our favorite out of the five we ordered was their signature Margherita Pizza! Its thin crust, along with their delicious tomato sauce, freshly sliced cherry tomatoes and light melted cheese on top were amazing – and of course nothing beats the flavor of fresh basil!

Ted's Fillet de Boeuf
Ted’s Fillet de Boeuf

We then ordered Ted’s local roasted Filet de Boeuf, and here is where the disappointment begins! Even though it was cooked to our liking (medium rare), and the meat was tender and juicy, the Chimichurri sauce on it was too overpowering – we think it would have been better on the side! The pepper sauce on the side was good, but a bit light;  the fries on the side were crispy and delicious!

Ted's Burger
Ted’s Burger

Our second order was their burger, which was overall good but lacked the juiciness of a burger you would eat outside your house!

Ted's Risotto
Ted’s Risotto

The Mushroom Risotto – our third main course – was the worst out of all five orders! Even though the mushrooms were fresh, the risotto was undercooked to the extent that we stopped eating it after the second bite! Finally, we were so excited about having a good fish and chips meal in Egypt but again were disappointed with how heavy the whole plate was, which we think is a result of the heavy batter they used! What was even more disappointing was that the fact that the fish was very fresh, and the chips were crispy, so it could have been a great option to order – if you’re a fish-lover of course!

Ted's Ice Tea
Ted’s Ice Tea

We couldn’t go there without trying something from each of the three different rooms; so we went for the Homemade Peach Iced Tea from the Beverage Room! The tea may be a bit strong for some people, but what’s great is that they serve you the syrup alone on the side and you can add as much as you want!

We would also like to give Ted’s credits for their great presentation, which is something we rarely find in restaurants in Egypt; we truly believe it’s one of the most important factors for being a good restaurant!

We visited Ted’s right after the huge hype it created during its opening, and we think it’s a bit overrated – in terms of food, of course! We honestly believe that if they up the taste of their food a little bit, it will be one of the best places in Egypt to have breakfast/lunch/dinner, because they already get a lot of points on all the other criteria! Unfortunately, we couldn’t try any of their desserts, but that’s a good thing as it always gives us an excuse to go there again!

Food/Taste: starstarstar

Presentation: starstarstarstarstarstar

Service: starstarstar

Atmosphere: starstarstarstarstar

Price: starstarstar

Accessibility: starstarstarstar

Overall Rating: starstarstar