By Rana Ahmed Amin
I love it when people recommend a songs to hear after reading an article, but today’s article is all about music. When I listen to specific artists, I feel that they are living in my laptop.  As weird as it may sound, listening to them is like when you’re eating some really tasty food that makes your heart beat fast and your brain run crazy. And actually, music for many of us is considered as our number one source of inspiration, energy, and motivation. So now allow me to introduce you to the guests (voices) living in my laptop.
1- Lana Del Rey
Since this article was inspired by her, she’s going to be my number one guest. Maybe there is no difference between Lana’s lyrics and any other lyrics but definitely the quality of the music itself, and the deep classical way by which Lana performs her songs, is unique and is what makes her special. She’s got that attitude.
Here’s a tiny list of some of Lana’s hits:
-Once Upon a Dream
-Dark Paradise
-Queen of Disaster
-Summertime Sadness
-Body Electric
-Born to Die
-Break my Fall
-Blue Jeans
-West Coast
2- Jasmine Thompson


And she’s not even 15 yet, but she’s got such a perfect soft voice that’s amazing and capable of taking you away from wherever you are. Most of her songs are covers but the way she performs them makes it feels like it’s the first time you’ve ever heard them. It’s just magical. So now I’ll leave you to experience a whole new side of the songs you think you know:
-Chandelier (cover)
-Let Her Go  (cover)
-Mad World   (cover)
-Ain’t  Nobody (cover)
-Almost Lover (cover)
-All of Me    (cover)
-Magic  (cover)
-Demons (cover)

-Thousand Years (Cover)

3- Lorde

Lorde shows the wild side of women, for still being so young herself that’s awesome. And even though she makes fun of nearly all the other celebrities on Earth, she’s got such a great voice deep enough for her to stay in my laptop’s playlist. I’m not a great fan of Lorde’s personality but here’s a bunch of songs that you’ll fall in love with.

-Everybody Wants to Rule the World
– Glory and Gore
-Yellow Flicker Beat
-No Better

What can I say about the Queen? Adele has the potential to make you fall in love and miss people that don’t even exist. It’s all about her spirit when she performs the song. The bottom line is I’m in love with Adele’s voice, lyrics, music and performances.-Don’t You Remember

-Someone Like You
-Sky Fall
-Rolling in the Deep
-Set the Fair to the Rain
-Turning Tables
-Hometown Glory
-Rumor Has It
5- Ed Sheeran
The red-headed weirdo’s indescribable voice makes my inner soul melt instantly while simultaneously mending the broken pieces of my tortured heart. I’m not going to explain how beautiful and truthful his lyrics are, because I’m actually out of words and it’s time for you guys to experience it for yourselves.
-All of Our Stars
-The A Team
-Kiss Me
-Give Me Love
-Lego House
-Little Bird
– Fall
-I See Fire

And finally…

6- Massar Egbari
They may seem like a normal underground Egyptian band, but believe me they are nowhere near “normal.”
Actually, they were not that special to me until I got the chance to attend one of their concerts, I began to feel the songs and supply myself the energy from their music. Simply, if you are sad, depressed, happy, cold, feeling down, optimistic or even feeling nothing, listen to Massar Egbari.
-W To’3 w T’om
– Zayk Ana
– Retk M’aya
-Mersal l Habibty
-Ana Hawet (cover)
-A’ra el Khabr
Sometimes music can be the way out of our crowded minds, so why don’t we just enjoy it a little?