You’d expect that some of the ways to show love would be getting her flowers or buying him perfume, but no that is so old-school! This generation does everything insanely different, even when it comes to showing love.

Get your checklist and start ticking, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

#1: Sharing Food

Sharing food is the number one ultimate proof that he/she loves you A LOT. Believe me, people nowadays care more about food than human beings. So if she is sharing her fries with you, then she definitely loves you, my friend.

#2: A Shawerma/Sushi Date

It is a known fact that almost every girl on this planet (except for me) loves Shawerma so much, so if he takes you out for Shawerma then know that he appreciates you a lot. And if he takes you out for sushi considering the current prices, then don’t forget to invite me to your wedding.

#3: Texting When Watching a Premier League Match

I was talking to one of my close friends and he told me that he never texts anyone during Premier League games, because nothing is that important or urgent. So it is definitely a sign unless he is not a football fanatic.

#4: Giving Her Your Jacket Even When You’re Dead Cold

In this era, not all guys are gentlemen (Sad truth). This is why when guys give you their jacket, it really does come out of a good place. They love you enough, that they are okay to be freezing and give you their jacket. He is a keeper!

#5: Calling Him/Her Every Once in a While

Of course, I don’t mean it when they do it in a casual way asking for an assignment. What I mean is that if they call you throughout the day to check up on you, then this shows how much they care about you. Nowadays, people are super busy that they forget to shower, so if he/she remembers you during the day, then beware of your crush *wink wink*

#6: Tagging Each Other in Memes

Yes, tagging each other in memes is a thing now. If he/she tags you a lot, then it might be an indicator that they have a thing for you. Thinking about you throughout the day that they tag you in a post shows that you are on their mind!

#7: Remembering Your Birthday

This generation consists of a bunch of people who barely remember their names, so it is not very common that he/she remembers your birthday all on their own. If he/she already prepared something for your birthday, even if it’s tiny, they might have a thing for you, my friend.

#8: Texting Right Away After an Outing

Chill, if he doesn’t text you right away, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he doesn’t like you. But if he always initiates conversations especially right after an outing, then at least you know he is interested in you.

Of course, there are other more sincere acts that prove love like being there and caring, however, the top list includes the daily casual stuff that happen on all levels of a relationship.