Egyptian women have long created their own theories about Egyptian men’s common behaviors. Especially in relation to their names.

These stereotypical theories are often based on the experience of each with her significant other, or sometimes even just a family member who’s known for a specific trait.

We do know that like many other things in our society, this whole exercise falls under stereotyping and is not necessarily true by any means. However, since many girls agree on this, we decided to have some fun and make a list with guys’ names and what they usually turn out to be like at least 9 out of 10 times : 


Who doesn’t have an ‘Ahmed’ in their life? To be more accurate, who doesn’t have an ‘Ahmed’ that ruined their life, somehow? 

Ahmeds are usually the fuckboys, but the type that is not just a player. He’s usually also a cheater and could have multiple girlfriends at the same time like it’s nothing.


In every school or university, there’s always a Omar who has all the girls’ attention. Omars usually target girls and make them fall in love with them for some time before moving on to the next one. Needless to say, like the Ahmeds, they turn out to be big players.


“The boyfriend material”.
Guys named Mahmoud are usually the caring ones in relationships. They don’t play around and are often serious about their partners.


Regardless of the fact that they rarely get called by their first names. Mohameds are always one of two things:

1- The Husband material, all about family and routine.
2- “Once a fuckboy, always a fuckboy”; he just won’t easily change.


Anyone with the name Tarek is always nice and decent at the beginning, that you would think he’s the perfect fit. But usually turns out to be the exact opposite.


Guys named Tamer are often kind and patient. They are the ones who usually give more in the relationship than their partner. Like most, they do lie, but not about serious matters and are not the cheating type.


Men with the name Hussein are often determined, smart, responsible and clear. When it comes to relationships, they are the dominant figure but not in an annoying way.


You will rarely find anyone with the name Youssef who isn’t a straight-up fuckboy. Youssefs are the kind of men who love for girls to be gathered around them. They usually cheat and don’t even care if they get discovered. They do it out in the open like it’s a given without thinking of the ‘supposedly’ significant other’s feelings. However, girls usually know that so it doesn’t always come as a surprise.


The possessive ones!
Any Abdelrahman will always want to have the upper hand in the relationship when it comes to anything. From major decision making to small basic things like ‘where to eat’. He’s so doubtful and asks lots of questions. He plays around but doesn’t want anyone to point it out.


From the outside, it always seems that anyone with the name Sherif is a heartbreaker and a playboy. However, that is always so far from the truth because Sherifs and relationships just don’t go hand in hand for some reason! He’s usually neither a heartbreaker nor a playboy.


Anyone named Hossam is usually really kind and sweet. They are too afraid to do any girl wrong. Not because they’re scared of women or anything, but mostly because they don’t like hurting people in general.


“The fuckboy wannabes”. 
They’re usually the guys who are the exact opposite from a fuckboy but really want to be one. With that being said, it’s always obvious and their acting skills don’t always help them.


Always the mature person in the relationship!
Very responsible, very attentive and determined. When he loves someone, it’s endgame. However, before that step, being a player is an important part of his personality. He also doesn’t like losing.


The careless attitude!
Boys with the name Adham are never serious about relationships, no matter what. Yes, they could last with their partner for years, but it’s not always out of love as much as it’s mostly out routine.


Sense of humor and responsibility!
The Mostafas are often work oriented, they’re determined and responsible. However, they have a nice sense of humor and some of them could prioritize love and relationships over anything else. And they’re also family oriented.


The fun and entertaining!
Guys named Hassan are always fun to be around, their sense of humor draws girls in. However, Hassans do not take relationships seriously until something significant happens in their lives for them to strongly believe in it.


There’s no in between here, Karims are ALWAYS the players. But usually the attractive ones, and although most girls know this, they usually end up falling in the trap willingly. Girls don’t always expect much from any guy named Karim, but they just know they’re bad news.


The romantic loveboy who isn’t too serious about relationships. He is not usually the one to cheat or backstab. If he doesn’t love the person he’s involved with, he’ll just quietly leave the scene, instead of cheating or being a jerk.

Do you think any of those theories are even coincidentally close to the truth? Tell us what you think and add your own theories to the list if you wish!