Job Interviews

So, you’re going to start looking for a job soon and you’re terrified out of your brains. Or, you’re already job-hunting but are still a bit anxious because of all that you’ve seen so far. We’re not going to lie here, there is plenty to worry about when job-hunting.

Want to know what’s more terrifying than job-hunting, though? Job interviews. No, really, job interviews can be awkward or straight out of a horror flick and we have rounded up proof for you.

These people below suffered, so we could listen.

The “Obey Or Else”

In your life, you’ll potentially meet a lot of people with obedience and authority issues. If bad luck awaits, you’ll likely have to be interviewed by one of them. Surely we’re exaggerating, you might think, but if we are, would something like this happen?

Yeah, we did not think so. Just what does “being good at your job” even mean nowadays?

The Not-Exactly-Wrong

Honesty is the best policy is something we all learn as kids. It’s actually something people often get rewarded for before they set foot in the real world. See, in the real world, honesty may be coveted..with limits.

And this is why you don your Pinocchio hat for every interview.

The “Actually Kinda Cool”

As far as job interview spots go, we all know coffeehouses are the coziest and the best for zoning out purposes. Some interviewers, though, go through the trouble of looking for even more organic spots.

Yeah, it’s not a horror story for those who don’t like extreme formality, but we thought it was kind of cool.

The One With The Misinfo

You know when you show your interest in a particular job because it’s within your own field of study, skill-set, and interests and end up discovering the job you took was anything but? Yeah, so do we. And so do a lot of people too, apparently.

Make sure to show that you were caught-off-guard, by the way. Don’t get suckered in.

The Entitled One

If you’ve been in the job-hunting field for a while, you’ve already seen a lot that you didn’t want to see. And if you’re new and freshly graduated, you’re on your way. Just get started with a little injustice!

Yeah, if you get accepted, you’re not going to exactly love that job, which is actually a free internship.

The “Well, It Is Kind of Interesting”

Sometimes, job interviews only happen because, well, they kind of have to happen. A formality, so to speak. Sometimes, that formality will make you regret ever going to that interview. And other times, you’ll just get another job offer on the spot.

Honestly, that job sounds promising. We can’t wait to see where the promotion takes that person.

The Oh-God-What-Did-We-Walk-Into

Even though we all say job interviews can be creepy scenes from post-apocalyptic movies, we know they aren’t literally like that. Wait, hold on.

Apparently, some job interviewers want to make that a fact. Actually, we can kind of see how that can be a test of endurance. It’s just that we’d rather die than be tested like that.

The “No Swear Words Are Enough”

If you’re a busy person, or just really any kind of person, you’ll be pissed when you read this next story. We’ll tell you one thing about it, though, we never thought someone could be this insensitive to human needs.

No, seriously, who does that? It takes zero cents to be a considerate person.

Now that you’ve read this, you’ll at least be prepared.