By: Passant Omar 
We always see in movies how two people meet each other for the first time, and then BAM!! Cupid’s arrow strikes and after a short conversation, they’re “in love”. Could this really be the case in real life? I think not, and here’s why. 

1- There is a difference between ‘attraction at first sight’ and ‘love at first sight’

In real life, and especially in Egypt, it is not so easy to find your other half. And love at first sight doesn’t apply to us for different reasons. How can you see someone for the first time and immediately feel something towards them? It’s true that you may feel attracted, but this attraction is based on nothing but superficiality. How can you call it “love” and build an assumption of being together based on just that attraction? At first sight, you mistake attraction with love due to the strike’s strength of attraction that hits you just like a dart in the heart!

2- Love is built on many emotions other than attraction 

When attraction is mistaken for love, it leads things to fall in the wrong place. People get attracted to each other based on external appearances or superficial traits like good humor, hot body or even a great mind. But these are not enough reasons to actually build the emotion “love” on. Love is just one phase of many of falling in love. Love is usually accompanied by trust, companionship, compatibility and many other factors that come with interaction on the long run. Character also plays a major role in falling in love, something you can’t really get to be familiar with at first sight.

3- Past relationship failures and issues are still on our mind

There are situations where the odds are not in your favor. Sometimes, you may meet ‘the one’, but you never really give him/her the chance because you’re probably still dealing with pending issues from your last relationship.

4- Easy come, easy go 

Claiming to yourself or the other person that what you have is “love at first sight” is not so wise. It may lead you two to rush things and blind you to flaws in each other that you may not be able to tolerate or accept in the long run. You cannot build a whole relationship based on an illusion.

5- Not all ‘attractions at first sight’ end well

In our society, it’s always challenging to take action when we meet someone for the first time and immediately like them because more often than not, the wrong message is given. But the thing is that even if we did decide to get to know them, we might actually realize that we’re not attracted to them. We’ll still end up friend zoning them, because it was only a fleeting attraction and the “love” emotion wasn’t activated as you had hoped. As a woman once said, “I liked you until you opened your mouth”.

6- Our hormones aren’t our hearts

Love at first sight doesn’t exist, because at first sight our hormones are in play and our hearts aren’t! So don’t count too much on your hormones if what you’re looking for is real love. You might mistake the two if your hormones at the time were making your emotions unstable thus causing you to be impulsive. If that happens, you’ll wake up the next day regretting even your mere thoughts.

Attraction could be at first sight, but it cannot be mistaken for love as appearance cannot solely be a reason to fall in love. Yet, it’s true that you may feel something extra special for someone once you meet them, but it can never be as powerful as real love. You should always be able to differentiate between love and attraction.