There is this very known controversy among people about whether men and women can be friends. Some say that you can’t have a pure friendship with someone of the opposite sex because probably one of you will fall for the other, but is this really true?

After doing some stalking and interrogations, here are the different scenarios:

Scenario #1: One Eventually Starts Developing Feelings For the Other

Even if they didn’t really have intentions of liking them, but eventually one of the two falls for the other. You start developing this amazing bond with this person and the first thing that comes to your mind is how amazing your life is because of having this person around.

Then this escalates to how no one gets you like they do. In our nature as humans, we tend to romanticize everything around us till we find ‘the one’. So once we develop this kind of connection with someone, we start viewing them differently!

Scenario #2: One Already Liked the Other, but ‘the other’ is Too Stupid to Notice

This one is really funny because probably everyone notices it but this ‘other’ person. You’d be naively thinking that this person likes you as a friend and that you are building this solid relationship as ‘bros’, but what is actually happening is that you are getting closer to the next awkward situation.

What is sad about this is that eventually you both lose one another because this person needs their space to move on and you are just too stupid to notice the signs!

Scenario #3: Just Friends and They Already Like Other People Who Get Jealous of Them

In this situation, it is safe to say that the friendship is literally pure where the two people enjoy each other’s company and nothing more. You too are occupied with your crush or significant other. But here arises a problem where your significant others are pretty much jealous of your guy friend/girlfriend. Typical Egyptian situation that you can’t really avoid.

Scenario #4: They Already Like Each Other But They’re Too Shy to Admit

Yes, they are both in love with each other, but they are too sweet and shy to admit it. This is the best form of love, because you two already know each other A LOT. The whole world knows it and swears by it, but no one wants to make a move in fear of losing the other person.

Scenario #5: Everyone Thinks They Are Dating, But They’re Not

This is a funny one because they are too comfortable around each other that everyone else thinks they are dating. It might eventually turn out to be scenario 1 or 2 and it might not go anywhere. But at this point, they do love each other in a friendzone kind of way, which is pretty sweet if you ask me.

What is very common is that they fool their friends and convince them that they are actually dating up until this lie spreads and ends their chances of dating anyone else.

Yes, friendships between men and women is a thing, only if people let it be without planting these thoughts of dating your best friend in each other’s heads.