By: John Samir

Being the first ever city built by the private sector, Al Rehab gained a lot of reputation for being the first at many other things.

However,ย when you buy or rent your place there based on what you heard, you will find there are many other things you had no idea about before.

As a long-time resident of Al Rehab; here are things you will only relate to once you actually start living there.

1. All Outings In One Location

You wanna get a drink? Go to the Souq (the market area). Shisha? The Souq. PlayStation? Where do you think?ย Sooouq. Something to eat? Okay, you got it.

To be fair, though, the food court is not at the Souq, but it’s literally right next to it.

This collection, although helpful, it could get really…really…really boring.soo2 al rehab

Good news, though, we now we have the Eastern Souq, for a change.

2. Sarsagya’s Night Out


Speaking of outings, you probably think in a compound like Al Rehab, you will only see guys with a Mercedes, and supermodels. While they might still exist, they also have company.

The Sarsagya community was able to lurk into the nice city and make it the background of their sarsagya pictures for a long while.

3.ย  Being The Butt of Maadi Jokes

maadi comic

There are racists, sexists, classists, and recently locationists. And while we all laughed at the jokes made on Maadi residents as being bascotas,ย we suddenly found ourselves beingย a target too!

Apparently, living in Al Rehab implies that you are the crust of society, and consequently, another bascota. So Rehabians were suddenly the victim of ready-made jokes.

4. Main Gate Closing Anytime Near Coptic Holidays

You have to keep an eye on the calendar. If you’re planning to get in or out of the city in near Christmas or Easter, get ready to use another gate rather than your favorite one, 13.

Due to security issues, Gate 13 – which is right next to the Church – is totally locked up with Special Op. forces everywhere.

al rehab 13

5. Everywhere Else is “Travelling”

To be fair, everyone has an idea about this. This may be the reason the city was built in first place. To be a bit far from central Cairo.

But taking the Suez Road every time you want to go to work or visit a relative makes you actually reconsidering your social life. Sometimes it’s just a lovely 15 minutes drive, other times it’s a 2-hour HELL.

Suez roadEither it’s because of the rain, construction, broken sewer, anything, Suez Rd. will always be the curse of Al Rehab. Although it has been improved lately, but still…HELL.

6. Dog Sh*t

Wherever you have a walk, your shoe will always get the lovely brown stain, because you didn’t pay attention to where you step.

The large green areas in Al Rehab encouraged many of its residents to adopt dogs. But no matter how cute they are, these dogs just do uncontrollably everywhere.

And if you get a nice parking spot, get ready to find the tires washed by…you know what.

dog pee

Still, Al Rehab is one of the greatest places to live. No matter how much we complain, it will always have a big part of our hearts.