You know the silly things we did as children, the things that we look back on and laugh? Throughout our childhoods, there are so many things we all did in common, remember those? We remember trying to look cool in front of our friends and spending a seemingly never ending class trying to trap that ugly fly inside the box or scribbling all over our desks till we got in trouble.

1. Locking a fly inside the pencil sharpener box

Possibly the most disgusting thing we’ve done. And, to think how horrid we were to those poor creatures.

2. Writing on desks with correctors

We got into so much trouble doing that!

3. Spreading glue on our hands then peeling it off

All the time we were told that this would “rub our fingerprints off”, but, really if it had we’d probably have none by now.

4. Walking on the yellow tiles because the red ones are lava

This is possibly a universal little game that – quite frankly – we still play.

5. Trying to measure who is taller between you and your friends

Not just friends, but siblings and cousins. It’s always been a competition.

6. Wearing your backpack backwards and pretending you’re pregnant

We were pregnant with our baby books and baby lunchboxes. How idiotically cute!

7. Filling a small glass with ice and apple juice and pretending you’re drunk

Doesn’t seem so funny now..

8. Telling your friends “Momken a2olak serr... Toooooooooooot”

I hope this never gets old. Someday, we will scream toooooot in our chidren’s ears.

9. Trying to use all four colours in multicolored pens at the same time

It literally defies all laws of logic.

10. Throwing around your friends’ backpacks and when they try to throw yours, you say “laa dy feeha ketab deen.


If you did not do any of these things, how did you spend your childhood? Ours was certainly most entertaining.