Being twenty something year old myself, I know for a fact that every person my age is sick and tired of hearing the word ‘marriage’. Ironically enough, this all that our parents and elders seem to be expecting from us. Which is why we wrote you this article!  Below is a list of things we can do instead of getting married! Read through because we’re about to show you what real fun is like!
  1. Volunteer in a third world country! Get to know what it’s really like to step out of your comfort zone
  2. Create a blog and write about your life
  3.  Launch that startup you have always dreamed of launching but never thought it was possible
  4. Travel alone
  5. Travel with your friends
  6.  Go on a trekking trip alone, and get to know your true limits
  7. Take up a hobby and if you like it, pursue it as a career
  8. Go on a dating spree and date people whom you know you are never ever going to settle with
  9. Explore a new religion
  10. Done with college? Go back again and actually study something you like this time!
  11. Couch surf! Seriously go on a trip abroad. Meet random locals. Sleep on their couches! Get to know the real world!
  12. Mentor someone. Teach them something you know you are good at for free
  13. Cut your hair and donate it for cancer!
  14. Actually move to another country, and live there for at least a year
  15. Chase after your dream. Even if you always wanted to sing and you have the worst voice in the world
  16. Learn to dance. Any kind of dance
  17. Take yourself to clubs and pubs every night and dance the night away
  18. Try out random international foods. Dig deep, how about Biryani? Or maybe Pad Thai?
  19. Adopt a kid. Because you don’t need to be married to care for a child
  20. Adopt a pet because some of us find it hard to take care of ourselves let alone animals
  21. Travel the world. Or some of it. How about 30 countries before you’re 30?
  22. Disappoint your loved ones. Yes, it’s perfectly fine. Do something only for yourself. Learn when to stop pleasing others
  23. Live alone. You’d be surprised at the amount of things you had no idea how to do because you were living with your parents
  24. Save money. It will come handy
  25. Explore your own country. Every city, every inch
  26. Ditch your old friends and make new ones. Make a new life for yourself
  27. Spend time with your parents. How about a year traveling around Europe together?
  28. Learn a new language
  29. Splurge on all the things that make you happy
  30. Go to graduate school
  31. Ask at least one random stranger for coffee every week
  32. Volunteer in a refugee camp
  33. Get healthy. Like really do it! Diet starts now!
  34. Make it a point to smile at random strangers wherever you go
  35. Reclaim your freedom, even if it’s as silly as driving to a restaurant at 4:30 am to grab a bite
  36. Revisit all the places you feel have impacted your life
  37. Quit that job that’s making you miserable and don’t settle in a single job for a year
  38. Learn to say NO
  39. Pick random people up at a bar
  40. Call up all the people you remember that you bullied in your life and apologize sincerely
  41. And finally, live a happy life with no worries or someone to tie you down