Almost all of us have inevitably developed a crush on someone at some point in our lives, and while the process is almost the same for everyone, Ie: LOTS OF STALKING and searching for things to start the conversation with, this article is not for that. In fact this article is for all of you poor souls who have to put up with the struggle of dealing with your crush, and all the things he or she does from time to time!

1. When they like our FB post/ Instagram photo

Ok, now they are just playing with our hearts. Did they like our post by mistake or did they do it because they like us? Or are they just likers who like anything on social media? I guess we’ll never know.

2. When they start the conversation, yet refuse to finish it

In what world is starting the conversation and disappearing in the middle of it appropriate? You’d think by now we’d be old enough to realize that playing cold is for kids, and that if it wasn’t then playing cold and being the person who started the conversation are mutually exclusive.

3. When they mention us in weird social media posts, without adding any extra comments, just our names 

We don’t know what it is really? Is it a sad attempt at looking mysterious while still giving us a little bit of attention, or are you just socially retarded?

4. When they make it a point to reply to our conversations after a certain amount of time has passed

It’s this little game of power they have inside that little mind of theirs where they don’t text you instantly because if they do, then by some odd logic that means that they lost!

5. When they bring their friends to validate you

Not only has your crush not acknowledged their true feelings for you, but they deliberately chose to bring their friends to ask for their approval first! As if impressing them wasn’t hard enough, now you have to impress their friends too!

So tell us, what are some of the things your crushes do that drive you crazy?