We’ve all been there! It’s the oldest story in the book. Girl meets boy, boy treats girl nicely, girl falls head over heels for boy. It’s simple, right? Actually, no it isn’t! Take it from a girl, but when we like boys or start to even think of liking one, it’s world war 3 in our minds! Here’s a walking tour inside the minds of  girls when they start developing a crush:

1. Well, he’s hot but is he intelligent?

Looks are not something that you should get praised for. God made you that way; it’s not like you created yourself by yourself. What’s important is what’s inside that big skull of yours, and while that might not be what attracted us to you, it’s still crucial!

2. He added me on Facebook, does that mean he likes me?

In case you guys haven’t caught that already, but when we like you, we tend to overthink everything that you do. Whether it’s you following us on Instagram, or adding us on Facebook. Anything you do is up for question, and might or might not mean that you like us.

3. Should I text him or would that make me seem clingy?

So we finally got your number, but you only texted us once. What shall we do next? The struggle is real! If I don’t text you hoping that you will text me and you don’t, then we’re never really going to stand a chance at being a thing. At the same time, If I text you that might give you the wrong message. I don’t want to seem easy after all!

4. I better check out all his Instagram photos just to make sure he isn’t dating anyone!

Ok girls. Let’s just admit that we did that at least once in our lifetimes. Scrolling down 300 photos of your crush’s Instagram account is hardly the way to check if he has a girlfriend. Let’s just admit to ourselves that we do it because we’re curious about what our crush’s life is like.

5. I think I’m being too nice, maybe I should start giving him the cold shoulder

You like a guy so you choose to treat him nicely because you want to get closer to him. That doesn’t last very long though. All of a sudden, you find yourself acting like a total bit*h. You don’t know how or why, and the guy surely didn’t really do anything wrong to deserve this kind of treatment, but you do it anyway! I guess it’s just a defense mechanism that has been passed on to us through the years!

6. I think I officially like him, so I better tell everyone that I don’t

We’ve all been there. We like a guy so much, but we’re ashamed to admit to everyone that we did that weird thing that everyone does, and actually caught feelings for someone! So we lie like we mean it! No, no I don’t like him. In fact, I don’t spend every night stalking the sh*t out of his Facebook profile.

7. I liked his Facebook post 2 weeks ago, so I better lay low so that he doesn’t think that I like him

It’s really a war zone inside this tiny mind of ours! We make it a point to like his post so that we remain at the back of his mind, yet at the same time we keep the likes to a minimum. It’s a weird equation that we made up ourselves. One like means I exist, remember me. Two likes means I’m clingy; there’s no way I’m going to do that!

8. You’ve imagined every possible scenario of the two of you getting together

It happened a lot of times, maybe it was when you discovered a shared interest and geek-ed out for some unknown reason! Or maybe it was when you realized that your crush had a deep side to him.

9. Why did I say that?!

At some point that happened to all of us. You just had a meaningful conversation with your crush, so it’s time to go home and replay every little thing you said to him in your mind. What the heck did I just say?! Great job, Forrest Gump!

Finally, I think one thing all girls can agree on is that the whole process can be painful, but it’s also the best thing in the world and we truly appreciate it. In fact when things work out, we long for the days when we were just strangers crushing on each other. And when they don’t work out, well, we resort to our beloved Foffa’s saying “El-Regala kteer, bas I don’t have time!”