Remember when we all used to laugh about how bad we want a robot in our life to magically fix everything? Well, we may be nearing something like that, and no we’re not talking about Sophia the Robot, Google is actually introducing the new Android Pie software with the artificial intelligence feature!

However, because it did not turn out to be the robotic life we all wish we had, why not imagine what we, Egyptians, would actually want? 

1# A GPS that doesn’t make us dump our cars in the Nile River every single time:

Aren’t we all tired of all the times we turn on the GPS and it either wants us to drown with our cars in the river or crash into the sidewalk? Or when our Uber arrives and we find him right in the middle of the Nile on the map?!

Please fix this ASAP Android, the Egyptian GPS is a mess!

2# A button that automatically turns off the AC and turn it back on instead of our mothers who barge in on our rooms every 5 minutes:

We’ve all experienced the struggle of our moms breaking into our rooms in the middle of our deep sleep to turn off the AC (for no specific reason btw), and waking us up drowned in our own sweat! Please do it for us; we just want our moms to leave us in peace, Google! 


3# Can they please include a feature that makes all the “Ramadan and Eid” felicitations for us? (Phone calls AND WhatsApp groups)

Maybe that would forever stop our moms from forcing us to call every family member in Eid, (Sometimes they actually wake us up to do it!), and maybe they would also stop scolding us for muting the family group with all its flower pictures!


4# Why not have a button that lets the “Ahwa” guy by your house know that you want your Shisha ready ASAP?

Since we don’t need anything to make us more late than we always are, this would be awesome for whenever we need to be somewhere but would also love to have a quick Shisha before we leave!

(Would be great if there’s an App or button for the Ahwas by our houses tbh!)


Please Google, your new Android features wouldn’t do anything for us, and here in Egypt, we need our lives to be a bit easier! (Like have you seen how it is around here?)