1. Couples only!

Isn’t it enough that we are lonely and single? Do you really need to punish us for not having a partner by not going out? Or even worse, come to the party, get embarrassed and go home? Silly rule. W ba3dein law medakhaleen el nas kolaha couples, ehna el sanagel ne2abel nas fein?


2. El Dakhla!

If you’re going to play a commercial song that we all love singing along to, matgeesh 3al chorus we7na mota7amesin w fag2a tekarar tetawel fil beat for another 30 seconds. Fasaltena ya akhi khalas.


3. The Bathroom toilet paper keeper

Howa da eh? Why can’t you just leave the toilet paper in the toilet so that we make it easier on both of us? “Takhdi kleenes ya habebti?” tub ma tab3an hakhod! Enty eli leh wakhdah w wa2fa bara?


4. The Party Tickets!

Every year parties and venues get more and more expensive, but this year they’ve gone mad! New Year’s parties’ tickets start from 1500 LE and some of them do not even offer open bar! Ento fakrena eh? W leh aslan? You’re not trying to break even, you’re trying to break us. Please put in mind that guys still have to buy bottles for the night and that girls buy an entire outfit so… 7aram!


5. The lack of bathrooms

So you rent or buy the biggest spot in Cairo, w mestabkhaleen te3melo kam 7amam zeyada? Do you know how hard it is to drink and go stand in a 30 minutes queue? W ad eh fasalan ne2addi nos el 7afla fi taboor? Don’t invite 800 people and expect them to use 4 bathrooms, it’s ridiculous!


6. The door keepers

This is probably even more important than the President’s job. He thinks he’s the king of the world. He has the key to heaven. Foo2o ba2a! I have a reservation, I came on time, mesh lazem te3mel 3al nas nemra w tetkalem betanaka w telta3 el nas men gheir lazma.