Everyone passes through a moment where they feel bad about themselves; whether it’s because they think they got heartbroken, failed at something or are just PMSing. We all pass through rough times because after all life is all about the ups and downs. Sometimes it feels so hard, even impossible to get out of a bad mood! However, it almost always starts with dragging yourself out of bed and doing one of the following things:

#Tidy up anything even your mind

Decluttering actually helps! Get rid of things you don’t need, tidy up your closet and give your old clothes to someone in need! Make your laundry or do the dishes. If you physically can’t (not just because you’re feeling lazy, but actually CAN’T), tidy up your mind by making to do lists or writing a journal. This will help you get things off your mind.


#Hit the gym

Hitting the gym comes with so many positive things; you get to see new people and work out. Even if it’s just walking on a treadmill, it still feels like an accomplishment and keeps the endorphins (Happy hormones) running. If you don’t usually go to a gym, try workout videos on YouTube, call a friend who goes to CrossFit and go along or even take a walk around the block and smell the fresh air.


#Soak yourself in a bubble bath

Fill your bath with warm water and a good-smelling bath gel. It’s a plus if you turn on meditating music and sip a tasty drink.


#Call someone you’ve been wanting to call for a long time

Or meet them over coffee, catch up. Visit a relative; an old one, a sick one or just a relative that you miss.


#Listen to cheerful music

Dance to it or sing along. Music always has a way of affecting one’s state of mind and feelings. Make sure to stay away from dull or sad music or songs that remind you of memories you don’t want to remember.


#Head to the hairdresser (For girls)

Go do your nails; wear a bold nail polish, do your hair, have a hair treatment. If you can’t go to the hairdresser, make a hair mask at home or have a facial. It feels good afterwards.



Well if you feel bad about yourself but actually have enough money to spend, go shopping (DUUHH!) It usually heals! If you’re on a tight budget, focus on buying the things you need.


#Make good deeds!

If you don’t have time to do it instantly, plan for it. Plan to visit an orphanage or a nursing home. Do your research and find the ones around your area and call them up, plan the things you’re going to take with you, tell people that might want to join. You have no idea how making someone happy might affect you.



Or let someone bake for you (Kidding). The smell of baking alone is capable of getting you out of the worst of moods. Bake anything simple; a cakemix from the supermarket will do.


No matter how bad you feel about yourself or how down you are and no matter how much you think it’s impossible to get yourself out of it, get up, move your butt and do something about it! Even if you think it’s silly, don’t underestimate how the small things can make a big difference.