By : Mariam Elmohandes

Dieting requires patience, commitment and hard work. No pain, no gain as they say. Many girls are on diet, hoping to lose weight, be healthy and achieve that killer figure. Dieting can be a hard challenge and girls try their best not to cheat. But there are some people who always seem to want to drag girls on diet down by saying the most annoying things ever. Here’s a list of things you don’t say or do to girls on diet, or anyone actually.

1- Offering food, “want some?”

giphyIt’s the first day of dieting. Girls are ready and prepared to lose their weight and suddenly someone offers food, not just any food, but their favorite fattening food. The thing is, they could’ve picked any day, but they had to choose the day when the girls are dieting. If you have that friend, shoot them in the face.

2- One bite won’t hurt you

giphy (2)

As mentioned in number one, friends tend to offer food the day girls begin their diet, but what makes things even worse is that pushy friend who insists on offering you one bite of food claiming that one bite won’t spoil your diet. That friend literally shoves food in your mouth. That my friends is, the devil in disguise.


3- “I have a belly” said the girl with a perfect body


We all have that one irritating friend who always complains about their weight and how they want to lose it. Guess what? They are already in prefect shape. Girls’d be struggling with the issue of losing weight slowly and feeling that no progress has been made, then comes this friend who nags about her impeccable body. Dear Mr/Mrs irritating friend who complains about wanting to lose weight when you have a perfect body, SHUT THE HELL UP.

4- You haven’t lost weight. Why bother?


“I don’t see that your diet is working; why bother trying to lose that weight?” What we have here is an example of a person who’s mission in life is to drag you down. If you want to complete your diet and achieve your goal, avoid that person as much as you can.

Girls are already pressuring themselves into having a perfect body, even if it’s sometimes at the expense of their general health and wellbeing. What they need is encouragement and someone to follow up on them to make sure they’re healthy and happy. Words hurt; be careful what you say.