Things girls who love sports hate hearing

So, you’re a sports fan who happens to be a girl. You know what this means, an endless onslaught of questions that vaguely insult, doubt, and very-directly test your knowledge of the sport all because of your gender.

Refreshing, isn’t it? Because we’re, quite frankly, fed up with these questions we’ve decided to compile them just so you know to never ask them again.

“Do you even know what an offside is?” and other pop-quiz questions

The minute a girl mentions she’s into any sport, particularly team sports, guys seem to get into this odd mode. We’d love to call it Professor Mode because, well, they seem to love giving out those quizzes!

Popular questions include “so what’s the offside rule”, “what’s this coach’s strategy”, “what’s this player’s blood type”.

“You’re into (sport) because the players are hot”

Among the many declarations we have heard, this always stays on top. See, this is brilliant because it manages to sum a person’s entire motives based on attraction alone.

Just to be clear, we’re not saying it’s impossible that people may find some players attractive. It’s kind of like when you admire an actor because of their acting and because they happen to look good. Welcome to duality.

“You’re doing this for attention, aren’t you?”

So, the conversation about sports is going well and there’s an actual no-judgement-based dialogue. That is, of course, until someone decides to go all analytical and says that you’re only doing this for attention.

There are about a million things someone can do for attention and let’s be real, asking probably won’t yield answers.

“Name five teams in that league/players in that sport”

Ah, the classic “you’re lying even when you’re telling the truth” maneuver move. Somehow the ones asking this question seem to think they’ll catch you in a lie. We honestly love seeing the Error 404 expression when the answer lists the entire league or starting lineup.

“Is your crush/boyfriend a fan?”

Okay, so let’s set the records straight. The answers to this little question is “no”, “stop getting into my business”, “I have a mind of my own”.

“Let me explain this bit for you…”

For the love of everything you hold dear, don’t volunteer information. Even if your intentions are good and uncondescending, if she doesn’t ask for your help, don’t offer it.

Believe it or not, there are other things you can discuss with a girl who’s into sports.