Many of us know the struggle and joy that come together with having a younger sibling. It’s like a series of endless adventures which consist of drama, bullying, torture, laughter and inside jokes (Sometimes).

If you read the above paragraph and immediately went through memory lane in your mind, then you’ll definitely understand the following everyday-life shenanigans you had from childhood to your late teenage years!

1# Pretending he’s a girl:

As a little girl, you definitely wanted to have a sister to play dolls with but all you had was your younger brother. So why not place a long t-shirt over his head, pretend it’s hair, cover his eyes with mascara, and change his name from Omar to Dina for example?

Don’t lie cause we know you did it! 

2# Always having the upper hand as a kid:

As the older sibling, you always took advantage of this and used it as an excuse to get what you want! Like sitting by the window, changing the channels on TV, picking the better “Fanous” etc.

3# You had to take him on outings with you:

We all know the struggle when you want to have a nice peaceful outing with a couple of your school friends whom you’re just beginning to get close to and BOOM, you’re hit with the “You’re not going until you take him with you!”

Well, and we all know how this one ends. 

4# Bullying him in front of his friends:

You definitely recall when he started to have friends over and how you couldn’t stop treating him in the worst way in front of his friends, just because you can!

5# Being forced to help him study because you’re THE OLDER ONE:

When your parents insist on you helping him study for his tests, just because you’re the older sister.

We all remember the countless outings we missed with our friends, to stay home and study for our bothers. (We all hated them during these moments!)

6# Not believing he has a LIFE:

Now that both of you are older, don’t deny that you just find it really hard to believe that he ACTUALLY has a life!

The idea of him having a girlfriend for example is just surreal to you; you just can’t stop seeing him as that little baby you used to play with and annoy all the time. 

7# Taking his stuff without permission as if it’s an earned right:

Well, surely his t-shirts will look so baggy on you, but you still find them flattering and wear them, along with his perfumes, WITHOUT even telling him. (Even if it’s just to annoy him)

If the opposite happens, it would be a disaster!

8# People now mistake you for being the younger one:

Yes, you’re the older sister, but to your bad luck, now that both of you are all grown up, people usually mistake you for the younger one because he’s like INCREDIBLY tall.

You even start reminiscing on all the times you made fun of his shorter height as a kid!

So, to all the girls who have younger brothers out there, we know and relate to your everyday life! Stay strong!