I’m not going to pretend like girls can all be fitted into one box and that all guys can be put into one category, but there are a few things men do that go straight to most girls’ hearts! Things probably most girls won’t deny loving. So basically if you want to win a girl over, do these little things: 

1- Play With Kids menn

If a man is seen playing and being nice to children, he’s probably going to be adored by most girls! Not that all girls want a baby, it doesn’t actually have anything to do with that. I think it’s looking at his soft instinct with a cute fuzzy little creature that melts us.

2- Wear Nice Perfume cute doggy

It’s simple; smell nice! Don’t be sweaty, shower often and put on perfume or cologne. It honestly works like magic! The more you smell good, the more girls will want to get close to you!

3- Remember All the Datesanniversary

I know there are so many, but you still need to remember all of them. It’s a must. It shows that you pay attention and care. I know this shouldn’t be the only proof that you do, but these little things make a difference. So there’s her birthday, your anniversary, Valentine’s day (even if you both have taken a stance against it), etc.

4- Compliment Herbitchh

Both men and women like to get complimented every now and then. In fact, we need it sometimes. Shower her with cute comments! That’ll make her swoon. Don’t overdo it though, she’ll probably think it’s meaningless. Just add positivity to the world by complimenting her when you mean it!

5- Food!this one food

Food is key to her heart; bring food always. Offer food too. If she’s angry, propose pizza and she’ll probably forget a little bit about why she’s angry in the first place. Get her chocolates every now and then. Oh, and if she’s sick, bring her ice cream or something sweet, she’ll definitely appreciate that so much. Just be a cool guy who likes food and makes her comfortable enough to stuff her face with her favourite food in front of you.

So, go do these things! What are you actually waiting for?