In a previous article, we talked about how it’s like to be single for too long. Some readers liked the article; others didn’t. What was noteworthy though, was that guys were really offended they could not relate to our article. And since we can’t let the guys down, we decided it was time to dedicate an article specially for them.

We did our own research and asked our fellow guy friends; turns out these are the 9 things that mostly happen when guys have been single for too long.


1. They would put on a tough act

When a guy has been single for too long, he’d probably show off that he is as tough as a nail and that he doesn’t care about or even want a relationship. While that might be true for some guys though, most guys just do that as a cover up to hide how much they want or are looking for a relationship.


2. You start going on hunting sprees to find yourself an eligible girl

All of a sudden, you start hitting every club or pub in hopes that you would find yourself the perfect girl. We won’t even start to talk about the amount of friends you’ll drag to be your wingmen. Those poor little fellas, always there to help.


3. Sports and PlayStation start being a means of distraction

All your friends are out with their girlfriends tonight? No worries, you made plans with yourself to play on your PlayStation today anyway, and it’s definitely not because you have nothing better to do. In fact, you haven’t been on your PlayStation all day long, so you are finally happy to get some PlayStation quality time for yourself.


4. You constantly find yourself thanking the Lord that you’re not in a soul sucking relationship like your other friends

You look at your once so happy friends and how their relationships are making them miserable and sad, how they’re constantly fighting with their girlfriends and you rejoice at the fact that you never ever have to deal with that.


5. But just as soon as you find them going out on dates with their girlfriends, you start to feel like you’re missing out

It’s all fun and games when they’re sad or fighting with their girlfriends, but once you find your friends going on dates and engaging in those heart to heart conversations with their girlfriends, you long for that kind of connection and you hope that, one day, you too would find it.


6. You start hitting the gym because 6 packs look better than a million girlfriends by your side

Let’s not generalize this specifically since a lot of guys hit the gym because they are genuinely interested in their physique and looks. However, others go to look better and prove to themselves that they can get any girl they want, and that their looks and physique are more important than any girl they have ever met or seen before.


7. You actually become rich because you’re not spending for two!

Ok, this one is not for everyone. There are still some guys who split the check and believe in equality between guys and girls, but the ones who make it a point to pay for everything their girlfriends order find themselves with a lot of extra cash at the end of the month when they’ve been single for too long. After all, they are not paying for two people in every outing.


8. El-Ahwa starts being your second home


No girlfriend, no problem. Scratch that! No girlfriend, no need to go to posh places! And where can be cheaper or cozier than El-Ahwa, right? And the bonus is, there are no girls there so there you go! No constant reminders that you are single and forever alone.


9. You start regarding every girl as “Shemal”

This one is also not for everyone, but when we asked around some guys told us that those who have been single for too long tend to start to think of girls as ill mannered, and that they can’t be dated. Which is why some guys choose to hook up with as much girls as they want as long as they don’t cross the relationship barrier.

Finally, one question that came up while we were asking men what it’s like to be single for too long was why men choose to stay single for too long? Is it because society puts so much strain on the dating pool in Egypt, or is it because of a failed past relationship that left them never wanting to get involved in anything that resembles a relationship again? We never got to uncover the answer, but we sure hope you’d give us your insight in the comments below!