life lessons - experience concept - isolated text in vintage letterpress wood type

I have never imagined that growing old in Egypt will be such a pain. As a little girl, I was always looking forward to growing up, but things didn’t turn out exactly as expected. I had faced many experiences which shocked me throughout my journey. Below is a list of things I learned as a 24-year old living in Egypt.

  • Friends come and go: We used to have lots of school and university friends. BFFs are no longer BFFs; they either now live in a different country, got married, or we barely see each other. Try to make new friends wherever you go and to gain new experiences.
  • Dream Job: First, you struggle to reach your dream job, then you shift from one job to another until you find the perfect job. Just follow your passion even if it’s not related to your field; if you haven’t pinpointed it yet keep out trying several jobs until you finally do. If you don’t like where you are, you are not a tree, it’s time to move on. This applies to your job or relationship.
  • Criticism: It’s a major part of your path; you have to accept it and use it to develop yourself. No one is perfect; it’s okay to make lots of mistakes but what matters the most is learning from them.
  • Relationship struggles: You will get to meet many guys and end up either heart-broken or breaking his heart. So basically, when you choose your partner, go for the one who makes you happy not suffer. Don’t ever try to impress him, and just be yourself.
  • Stop complaining about how cruel your life is: Learn to accept losing, to let go, and to fight for your dreams. It’s okay to fail but the point here is to keep fighting for your dreams.
  • People will judge you based on your marital status; never give them much of your attention.
  • Be honest, decent, and forgive everybody, even the cruel ones. I guess life is too short to be surrounded by enemies.
  • You will never achieve everything you’ve dreamt of, but feel grateful for everything you have now, and don’t compare your life to anyone.
  • Not all people are angels: People change… to the worst unfortunately, your friends may talk behind your back, and other people may judge you, just be ready for some disappointments.
  • Text or call the people you really miss before it’s too late: Tell them how much they mean to you.
  • Learn a new skill: You should never stop as long as you breathe. Read a lot and watch out for useful online tutorials if you don’t have time to attend courses.
  • Take good care of your body with healthy foods and lots of exercising.
  • Help the people around you: Always leave a good impression and smile.