We Cairenes try not to get too jealous about the cool things up there in Alexandria, especially since Alexandrians are already so snooty about “how much better” their beloved city is, but sometimes we can’t help ourselves. There are some pretty neat things chilling up there in Alex that we wouldn’t mind having down here in the good old capital.

1. Spitfire

Inside Spitfire

Having a drink at Spitfire can never be replicated with its combination of wall graffiti, spunky memorabilia, and classics playing in the background. And so begins our jealousy as all we want is for it to be ours.

2. Yellow Taxis

Photo Credit: Brian McMorrow

They just feel so vintage, like they’re the color taxis are supposed to be!

3. The Sea

Alexandria CornicheOkay, we admit this one is a pretty high order, but it would be pretty nice at the same time. Not sure if it’s a case of “the grass is always greener on the other side,” but wouldn’t it be better to be stuck in traffic on that corniche?

4. Air We Can Breathe

Alexandria from QaitbayYeah, that kind of goes with the whole “on the sea” deal. No hard feelings Cairo, but yo’ smog can get us down.


5. Alban Swisera

Alban SwisraShrmp in cheese. Sogo2 in cheese. Chicken in cheese. Cheese in cheese. We might get fat, but we would be happy if we had that place right around the corner and not three hours away.

6. The Library

Alexandria Egypt LibraryYeah, yeah, we know we got the pyramids and stuff, so we shouldn’t be jealous. But we can’t help it! That’s like, the oldest library in he world or something like that, isn’t it?

7. Alexandrian Seafood

Piles of ShrimpBecause that’s what we all do when we go there anyway – eat!


8. The Prices

Pageant Pay DayYeah, those cheaper prices would be cool…

9. That View


Sunrises. Sunsets. Morning Coffee. Afternoon Stroll. We can imagine so many amazing moments if we had that view. Have we talked enough about the sea yet?