Most guys complain about women pushing them to the friend zone. They claim that women chase after the bad boys and leave the nice guys behind. They even have a saying about it. You know what they say “Nice boys finish last”, but that is far from the truth. Women just function differently than most men would think. But the question remains, what do women look for in a man? Read these few tips to know more.

1. A Charming Personality

You might laugh at how trivial this one seems, but the truth is most women look for a man who knows how to charm them, and there aren’t a lot of men who actually know how to do that. It takes a certain combination of  body language and good manners to impress a woman.

2. A Sense of Humor

If you can make a woman laugh, you can make her do, practically, anything. So the next time you meet a woman who is head over heels for a man with absolutely no good characteristics other than the fact that he has a really good sense of humor, don’t be surprised.

3. A man who is Confident

 Confidence is a characteristic that gives any man a sense of strength that most women admire and constantly search for. Women want a man who is capable of believing in himself, because it is only when he can that he is capable of believing in her too.

4. A Good Listener

 It’s a cruel world to be living in to start with. Which is why women need someone who is constantly there for them. Someone who would listen. Misery gets easier when shared.

5. A Compatible Personality

 Most women have learned the hard way that if the personalities don’t match, then there is just no way for the relationship to work. Women need someone who is on board. They need a man who will be their biggest supporter, and if a man’s personality doesn’t match with theirs, then there is just no way for him be supportive.

6. A Faithful Man

 In a world where divorce rates are getting higher than ever before, all a woman really searches for in a man is loyalty. Women need a man whom they are sure will be there for them despite all odds and no matter how hard it gets.

7. A Man who is Kind

 We’re all human; we do make mistakes. This is why women look for a man who would be kind enough to forgive, because it will get hard sometimes to love one another. Only a kind man would know how to push through, forgive and love fiercely.