By: Kenzie Ali
Being a film junkie can be a lot of work sometimes. Catching up on trailers, press tours, interviews and prioritizing what you want to see in the cinema first. That alone can be pretty hectic when there’s a bunch of films out that you want to see. Personally, the cinema is my happy place and any fellow cinema junkie will understand the following things:

1- Spoilers!

The internet is a wild place, especially when a highly anticipated film is coming out. It gets released at different times all around the world, so if we’re unlucky in that sense, dodging spoilers is like an obstacle course. And sometimes, you don’t even see them coming.

2- Telling all your friends over and over again!

Better safe than sorry, right? You gotta make sure everyone knows the plan so they aren’t left out. You all share the same excitement, because you’ve all been waiting like two years for this film to come out, and it’s finally here! It would be a shame to miss out on that!

3- Dragging friends to the cinema an hour before the screening to get good seats!

Having good seats is like…forty percent of the experience. You don’t want to be in the front so your neck is bent at an awkward angle; you don’t want to be on the side so your view wouldn’t be all messed up. You want to be in the center at the back. These things are important.

4- Get the popcorn before the trailers start!

The queue at the concession stand is usually pretty long and you want your snack and drinks, tapping your foot nervously and checking your watch because missing the trailers isn’t even an option! It isn’t a full experience without watching the trailers and whispering to your friends, “we gotta see this together!”.

5- Finishing the popcorn during the trailers! 

The film starts and you dig your hand into the popcorn box and it hits the bottom. Yup, you unconsciously went through the entire thing while caught in what’s going on on the screen. Gotta head out during the break then! But make it back in time before the second half starts. It’s nerve-wrecking.

6- People talking during the film are just…no.

Some people seem to think the cinema is a place for socializing and chit-chatting. Which it isn’t. You try to shush them politely, but sometimes that doesn’t work. And it drives you mad. You try to block the chatter out and pray it works.

7- Wait…what do you mean I can’t see it in the cinema again?

Do people really need an explanation for seeing it again? I’ve waited years for this; I’ll see it as many times as I can. I’ll enjoy every second I possibly can.

Basically, it’s one big rush against time!