Having a pet is one of life’s simple pleasures, however, it comes with great responsibility. Owning a pet isn’t a decision that you should make hastily or spontaneously. You really have to think it through before bringing one into your home, because after all, they’re living souls, not a new toy or piece of furniture.

  • You need to choose the right kind of pet to suit your house and your lifestyle. You should not bring in a big dog into an appartment since they need plenty of exercise and an outdoor area to run and play.
  • Training your pet can be a strenuous task which requires a lot of effort, time and patience. Potty training and obedience training may not be a straightforward routine. You have to be ready to deal with frequent ‘accidents’.

dog disaser

  • Special accomodation arrangements for your pet have to be well planned out prior to any travelling plans, bearing in mind that they actually feel very lonely and depressed without you. It might be even more of a hassle if you decide to take them with you especially if you’re travelling by plane. Most airliners require plenty of paper work as well as a vaccinations certificate and not all hotels allow pets.

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  • They need more care than little children when they’re sick; they can’t tell you how they’re feeling and you have to figure it out on your own. You need to clean after them and take them to the vet. It would be terrifying and tragic if they’re terminally ill.
  • Pets are family; you can’t just give them away or throw them out on the street when you’re bored with them. These helpless creatures get so attached to their owners and would not imagine life without them. You have to be sure that when things get harder at any point you won’t let go of them. You need to be okay with long term commitment.
  • You need to make sure that your place is pet safe. Close all doors and windows if you feel that your pet is spontaneous and hyperactive. Cats and dogs can sometimes get lost or fall off a window or a balcony.

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  • Allocating time for your pet is a must. Dogs need to be walked daily; parrots or birds need to have their cages regularly cleaned. Spending quality time spent with your pet is an integral part of their day; they need to play and feel loved.

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  • Consider adopting a stray animal instead of buying one; you have no idea how much love they’re capable of giving.

Even though owning a pet comes with many responsibilities, it’s still extremely rewarding. They’re loyal family members who love you a rare selfless kind of love. Just make sure you’re capable of reciprocating it.