Dahab became the new “it” place this year, and I’m glad it has. Most people who’ve been Dahab regulars are bothered by this fact, and most of the noobs are struggling with this. Have no fear, noobs, a regular will tell you the ins and outs of Dahab and all the things you should be doing now!


1-Look for Foxy


Yes, this is worth starting with! Foxy is the celebrity of Dahab, she even has a facebook page. She greets the people, walks you from one place to the other, and I grantee you she’ll photobomb at least one picture of yours. Dog lover, or not, you can’t claim you’ve been to Dahab without playing with her.

2- Buy your own snorkeling gear

Rental is available almost everywhere, and almost everyone rents. That’s the problem! It’s really easy to have infections from them and it’s far from healthy. Stay safe and buy your own gear. They aren’t that expensive anyway, and definitely cheaper than the medical bills later.


3-Buy a water shoe


Corals, rocks, and spiky fish everywhere! No one wants a major cut in their feet! they’re available for sale there everywhere. Remember to hustle, which leads to #4!


You could literally hustle your way to over 80% of the original price. If it’s for 300, you shouldn’t pay more than 50. It could take you up to 15 minutes hustling, but it’ll work. Key to hustling in Dahab is to be friendly. If you talk down or get angry at any of the sellers, forget that they’ll sell you anything, and they’ll probably let other sellers not sell you anything too. Hustling is also important with taxis. Don’t pay more than 5, unless you’re going to the Blue hole, it’s for 20.

5-Buy a “keleem” then head to Laguna 



Lagouna is the best place for swimming and snorkeling in Dahab. It’s a protected area, so don’t expect to find fancy bars and loungers. If you do, don’t stay there because they’ll be working illegally and ruining the protective area, so don’t encourage them. Lagouna is a bit far from most places, so it’ll be a long walk. Taxis are always going there, and it’s highly recommended to take a taxi for your first visit so you’d know which spot to stay at. Make sure you tell the taxi to come back and get you later, or you’ll be stuck there.

6- Head to the Blue hole



It’s safe to say that the Blue hole has the best corals in the world. I personally can’t swim, and I drown when I shower, but I had to snorkel there. The “hole” is too deep, to the point that you can’t see the ground. All you can see is corals and fish. If you can’t swim, there are floaters there that you could rent.

7-Chill at Yalla bar


This place has everything! Food, drinks, shisha, lounges, anything you want, you’ll find! Recommended to have breakfast there (which costs 30 LE), and spend the morning over at the beach next to it.

8-Breakfast at Yum Yum


If you’re all for fool and falafel, yum yum is your to go to place. The prices are extremely cheap, and the food is amazing. Best thing about them is the bread!

9- Chillax!


I’m a burger lover, and literally the best burger I’ve had is in this place. Chillax is now bigger and has a sister restaurant with, called Baheya, which is equally good. The prices are reasonable, and the staff are really friendly. Ask for Khamees and thank him for the burger, and I’m sure you’ll have a lovely conversation with him.

10- King chicken


Best grilled food ever! You get a drink, salad, soup, rice, vegetables, main dish and you won’t be paying more than 50 Le.

11- Get a friendship Bracelet

Friendship Bracelets

Because how would anyone believe you’ve been to Dahab without wearing one? People with long hair, you could also let them make a thread braid on your hair.

12-Don’t get super drunk or high in public

Dahab is a non-judgmental place. Everyone is free to do whatever they want. However, the locals can’t tolerant someone who’s drunk or extremely high in public. Do whatever you want in your camp, but not in the main street. They will, however, be helpful and will sober you up, but you basically ruin their day. Have respect, and don’t ruin someone’s day. Which leads us to the final thing…

13-Respect the people and the place

Nothing is as important for the residents as much as respect. Don’t fight, don’t shout, don’t throw something on the floor or the sea. Respect everyone, everything, and most importantly, yourself.