On average, we waste around an hour per day in traffic. That’s 7 hours a week. That’s more than a day per month, and nearly half a month per year. We basically ‘age’ in traffic; here are some things you can do to keep busy while you’re stuck on mehwar or da2ery:


‘Snap’ funny car plate name with your friends.



Take pics of funny microbus bumper stickers.



Takhod a coffee sip kol lma microbus or a toktok yksr 3leek.


Call your parents (you do have time aho), great opportunity to catch up with your mom or dad.


Listen to these underrated local radio stations: 95.4 MHz European Program (English, French, Greek, Italian and German hits) or if you want to relax, tune in to 98.8 MHz Musical Program (classical international music, old Egyptian songs and chill music). You won’t be annoyed listening to ridiculous ads every 5 mins like the ones on Nile or Nogoum FM


Listen to an audiobook; there are plenty of websites offering free audiobooks like booksshouldbefree.com and openculture.com.



Snack on some raw nuts or an apple if you’re sticking to a healthy diet or maybe a couple of delicious doughnuts and a bag of chips.



Play Trivia Crack with a friend or maybe create hilarious questions.


Send your partner an angry whatsapp audio about traffic; vent and let it all out.


Last but not least, remember to stay sane. We’ve spent and will probably still spend a lot more time stuck in traffic. We are trapped; it’s just the sad inevitable truth. Let’s just try to make the best of it, shall we?