People with Dyed Hair

You may have noticed this funny little habit people have. Whenever you change something about your appearance, like getting a new hair color, everyone feels entitled to a comment.

Whether to tell you how awfully you ruined your appearance or to tell you how to fix it, all unwarranted. To those people, we’d like to say that evidence showed you shouldn’t speak it just because you thought it.

That all sounds a bit harsh, though, if you don’t know what exactly to not say. So, we’re helping you out — here’s the full list!

“That color doesn’t flatter you”

Why would you say this? Honestly, what would possess you to say that? You wouldn’t go around telling somebody that they’re having an awful hair day and that’s something they can manage somewhat.

“You’re damaging your hair, you know.”

People who commit to dyeing their hair kind of already know the risks behind what they’re doing. We’re sure they did their research before, you know, buying everything so this comment is a bit too obvious.

“When are you piercing your nose and joining the West El-Balad hipsters?”

Even if this is true in some cases, this is just assumptive, honestly. Sure, we know “eltanamor” is having its fifteen minutes of trendiness right now but it wouldn’t kill you to reign it back, would it?

“I like natural hair colors better, though.”

Oh, so you like natural hair colors more than odd, out-of-the-norm ones? Great, that’s actually super cool. Don’t dye your hair green then.

“Was the nervous breakdown THAT bad?!”

Recently, there’s been a correlation between dyeing your hair all sorts of weird colors and between, well, going through a nervous breakdown.

Sure, people have used this method to cope but here’s the thing — first judge how well you know the person before you joke about their mental state.

Obviously, all of this goes without saying but we just had to say it. P.S: don’t touch someone’s hair without their say-so.