If we want to learn much about life, who better than elderly people to play a pivotal role in tutoring us the younger generation? After all, they have been through many of the experiences we’re still going to face in our own lives.

Here are some lessons we can only learn from the golden agers:

1- Perceive time a la Matrix:

In today’s fast-paced world, the rhythm of our daily life is set on maximum speed. Thanks to technology, we are hustling our butts from here to there. Even though we’re doing loads of things at once, time tends to fly so quickly. The old fogey, though, has a way of taking everything at a leisurely pace which funnily seems to somehow stretch out the time. Therefore, rather than seeing your life flash before your eyes, you have to follow their lead and their unhurried rhythm so you can enjoy the moment from time to time.

2- Young but lazy, old but on the go:

It’s shameful for us, the young bucks, to get lazy while tapping messages on our phones, using abbreviations and paring down our words while the older generation had to use pens to write three page letters for friends and relatives across the world. Some of them still do until now. We have got to admit that the wide use of technology is making us youngsters super lazy.

3- Having fun isn’t about luxury but creativity

Without internet, phones, or TVs, -I don’t know how they survived but they did-, it didn’t stop them from having fun. The fact that they barely had anything unleashed the older generation’s creative side. They came up with games like 3arousty and Bedoun Kalam and that’s probably the reason they never seemed to get old. You don’t stop having fun when you get old; you get old when you stop having fun.

4- Activities mean playground, not ‘Play Station’


While our butt is stuck to the couch competing in Play Station games, fighting over joysticks and getting entertained without having to move other than our hand muscles, older generations were chasing each other while playing esto3’omeya and masaket elmalek. They spent good times being active which is something we do once in a blue moon.

5- Best flirting tips

Most girls would probably agree that walking on the street is a living hell these days where you’re invariably forced to hear offensive and harsh comments. In the old days, this phenomenon was nearly absent, and even if it existed it was romantic and flirtatious. Surely, you must have heard “Ya ard e7fazi Ma 3aleky” in old movies.

6- Family comes first

One big Family

Instead of each member of the family being stranded on their own island, the most crucial thing you will learn from your grandparents is how you should spend quality time with your family not just pass time. And FYI, by family they don’t only mean your parents and siblings; their definition of family extends to each and every one of your relatives and probably the whole neighborhood.

7- Solid relationships

older couple

In a throwaway society where one in three marriages ends in divorce, our generation is in dire need of counseling when it comes to relationships. Probably, the word divorce is a foreign one to the older generation’s dictionary. Even though relationships back then probably had nothing to do with love and everything to do with higher levels of commitment and relentless attempts to make things work in order not to doom the kids’ lives.

8- The secret behind looking fabulous everyday

If you want to get dressed up like you’re going to see your worst enemy, who can better help you than a generation that had been getting dressed glamorously on a daily basis and for no good reason. Men dressed in suits, ladies in elegant colorful dresses; back then the public’s taste was similar across all social classes. You could not figure out their financial status from their attires, unlike nowadays.

9- Grandma’s recipes

Pauline Tee, 79, with her grand-daughter Rebecca Sullivan of Dirty Girl Kitchen and Granny Skills fame, in Rebecca's North Adelaide home.

Instead of being a food delivery expert with poor health and dietary habits, if you hangout long enough at your grandparents’ you will probably go home with loads of secret family recipes which you can proudly cook for your friends pretending you came up with them on your own.

It’s alright to seek innovation and be up to date with technology, but we always have to keep in mind that old is gold.