It’s that time of the year again where we all get nostalgic for our school days. Despite the fact that we hated school while it lasted, we miss it more than we could ever thought we would now. I guess it’s like we always say: “you never know the real value of a moment until it becomes a memory.”

So here’s what we miss about school; A LOT of them will be a surprise.

1. Uniform

Yes we hated it; it looked awful. However, as soon as we were asked to pick our style every single morning before work or college, we appreciated it so much!

2. Summer Vacation

Three consecutive months OFF! Literally not a single worry in the world but to have fun and enjoy the sun. We didn’t need to worry about project due dates, assignments or appraisals. It was truly all about enjoying those THREE MONTHS with our family and friends.

Spring Break

Christmas Break

And every other holiday

3. Halloween Day

The entire school would be either creepy or slu*y. It was just another excuse to undress or creep the hell out of people.

4. El Tazweegh

The good times when enak tezawagh didn’t mean to be just a couple of hours late to work; it basically meant jumping off soor el madrsa or hiding behind the canteen.

5. Private Lessons

Those classes probably brought you closer to people you never thought could be your friends. And they are still your closest ones until this day.

6. Break Time

Well that was when it’s time to connect with those from other classes. And eat as much as we could and wait till class time to ask for a bathroom pass.

7. Getting Picked up

We’d call our moms from the clinic claiming that we are not feeling well and that she should come and pick us up early. If only we can do that now at work.

Life was much simpler, all we had to worry about was test grades and assignment due dates. Those were the days we wished they’d be over, but now we wish if we could go back. Our teenage stubbornness, first memories, and acting like adults. When it was OK for us to make mistakes because we were still, literally, learning. “Those were the days my friend, we thought they’d never end” as Mary Hopkin said.