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Things We Promise To Never Do Again


By:Amira ElSayed

As soon as we land ourselves in a terrible and completely unavoidable mess, we utter the phrase ‘I’m never doing that, ever again’. It’s something that everyone has said at one point or another, and as we get older (though definitely not wiser) we’ll end up saying it with more regularity. Why? Because we’re gluttons for punishment, especially at the hands of something we should know better than to do, after learning it’s no good. When we say ‘never’, we’re pretty much setting ourselves up for the fall.

1. Ketchup Squirting

Never squirt ketchup directly onto the hot dog again without shaking the bottle prior to the squirting. I think we could go our whole lives without ketchup juice.


2. I’ll Never Grab a Hot Pan With My Bare Hands Ever Again

But we all probably will…


3. Sweet or Sour?

We all go for a midnight snack and devour our whole fridge. The thing is, is what we’re eating or drinking expired or still good to go? I think I speak for everyone when I say that I taste to see if expired milk is the worst!


4. Procrastination

“I’ll never procrastinate on a major assignment.” That’s one of the most common things we tell ourselves, but by time we all learn that if you turn in crap work, you get a crappy grade.


5. Learning to Let Go

“I’ll never keep someone in my life who treats me horribly” or “I refuse to waste time on those who could care less about me.” But the fact is those are the people we waste most of our efforts on. We give them our all and get nothing in return.


6. Change is Not for Everyone

Let me just go back to point number five again. If they don’t care about you, they also don’t care about your opinion so don’t bother wasting your time trying to change them.


7. Giving Out Your Number to the Wrong People

We all know that one person who just won’t take the hint that you’re not in the mood to chat right now, and there is no other way to tell them to just shut up except to actually say “SHUT UP!”


8. Judgmental

“I’ll never judge someone based on their appearance.” All of us have at least tried to convince ourselves that we can live by that phrase, but that’s not how it goes. Whether we’re out with our friends gossiping or secretly judging the girl sitting in front of us in our own heads.


9. Wasting Money

We all waste money on things we don’t need and end up regretting it. We’re so happy when we first receive our paychecks that we blow that money on non-sense. But when were running low by the end of the month, we start contemplating every life decision we ever made.

Some mistakes may be minor and some may be major. But we end up regretting them all.