By: Amira ElSayed

You know those moments when a friend tells you something and you run out of things to say, or you really just don’t know what to say? Or maybe even the person in front of you won’t shut up and you don’t want to seem rude so you really don’t know what to say? Yeah, well here are some of them.

1. So,Ummm Yeah…

That’s basically it. There’s nothing useful to add and no other way to end to this conversation. It’s a dead end.

2. Really?!

When you have to act like you care so much about something and want to get to know more so you don’t seem indifferent, but you actually couldn’t care less.

3. Haresh?

Haresh? Haresh. I honestly don’t know where this came from. Haresh means scratch; how did we Egyptians turn it into ‘do you understand?’ Last I remember ‘fahem?’ was as good as it gets.

4. That’s Cool

No, it’s not cool. I actually couldn’t care less about what you just went on and on about for the past decade.

5. Let Me Know

When you know your friend is about to cancel or not show up but you’re too lazy to follow up, so you have to act like you actually care or that they actually will let you know.

6. Anyway…

When the person you’re talking to isn’t feeling the conversation and you can tell, so you turn it around and make it about something they will care about.

7. Ma3lish

No matter what happened, even if it’s nothing that demands an apology, Egyptians will say ‘ma3lish.’ It’s like they know it like the back of their hand, the literal definition of ‘7afez mish fahem‘.

Those are some of the most common phrases/words Egyptians use to terminate awkward conversations. Got more to add to the list?