best friend

Girls find comfort when confiding in boys. As tough as it is figuring the male species out, they make great friends and companions who offer fantastic advice. When choosing which one to be close to though, you must be careful. These are the things we look for in a perfect buddy.


Even though we don’t need no man, having a supportive guy best friend is a good thing. When they’re there, we’d like them to support us, to be a shoulder to cry on when our girlfriends don’t understand.

Good Listening Skills

To be a good listener is a lot of work, however, not with someone you care for. And, that’s what we ask. We ask them to be good listeners and give us real advice that help us feel better.


Mutual Respect

Just like any normal friendship, respect is crucial. It is extremely important for our bff’s to respect us and respect the boundaries of our friendship.


We seek advice from our best friends, no matter what the case. When having boy trouble, no one else can help you fix it.


“Honesty is the best policy” isn’t it? No matter how brutal it may be.


Both parts of the friendship need to feel like they trust one another. They need to be trustworthy so you could confide in them.


A guy best friend is like a brother, he must know and appreciate that you rely on him. Thus, become a reliable person in your life.


As a friend, he must give you reciprocal effort. He must make you feel as important as you make him. After all, a best friend is a huge thing he must glorify.


As our best friends, they are expected to keep our secrets and stay on our side. We may drive them crazy, but them sticking by us means a lot and guarantees their spot as our best friends.



Guy Bff’s are a valuable thing to be appreciated. The trick is though, find the one that deserves to be that, someone with more qualities than disadvantages.