On Thursday, October 4th, we were all shocked to hear the news of the closing of Sequoia and Left Bank. The announcement was made in a very emotional post on their social media pages.

The news came out of the blues, and we were all upset by it. Everyone thought it was one of those unexplainable orders; just like what happened with Club 33 in early 2016.

So far the place has been receiving a lot of support from its loyal clients. An online petition, which the owners started to save the place, gathered almost 650 signatures in less than 24 hours of its publishing.

In another shocking turn of events, a Facebook post by user Sally Samarat started circulating, which made the situation start to make a bit more sense, but not in the way we had hoped for.

Sally claims in her post that the owners of the place are her cousins, who took her share from her father’s inheritance, which is the land the restaurants are built on. Sally also claims she’s been legally fighting them for 19 years to regain her share of the inheritance, and finally, she’s receiving it.

The owners of the restaurants have not yet commented on Sally’s claims, even though their petition was posted after Sally’s Facebook post started circulating.

We, the customers of the restaurants, are the ones left to decide to take sides in the situation. While the owners have no solid alibi other than they were ordered to close the restaurants.

Sally’s claims, however, do in fact make sense. Yet the owners refuse to address them. However, many customers are supporting them just because they are a good restaurant.

We are left conflicted, and even though we love the places, we can’t fully support them without having the transparency we deserve.

With the little facts we have at the moment, do you feel like you’ve formed an opinion? And do you still want the restaurants to continue?

Do you still want the restaurants to remain?