Well, here’s the thing, I’m a proud tomboy. Yes, I said it: a proud tomboy. I have a brother and I blessed him with having both a sister and someone who feels like a little brother. I know I’m probably not the only one. Here are some things we face. So, stop judging!

The Shoe Struggle

You know how every girl obsesses over the right heels or slippers and go like “OMG!” We do that, but over sneakers. We LOVE Convers, Vans and OMG! Give us Timberland shoes!


The Make-Up Struggle

We kinda don’t know how to really use make-up and we actually don’t care because sometimes (or usually) we just wake up and say “Nah! I’m going makeup free today!”

The Judgment of Everyone Around Us

“Won’t you change your style?” And due to our attitude we get “Howa ana m5alefa baltagi!” or “Is that your brother’s hoodie?” Actually, yeah, it is my brother’s hoodie!

The Shopping Dilemma

Now, that’s a problem for us. It’s hard to find what we love at “normal girl stores,” like pullovers, hoodies, or other over-sized things. So, sometimes we head to the boys’ department! I mean, have you seen their hoodies? Or we could ask for a bigger size!


Do I have to carry a purse?

Our purses can easily be counted and we barely switch them because sometimes we don’t even wanna carry one. But it’s okay, you can still get lost in it!

Skirts can be problematic

Jeans all the way, people! We can’t do skirts or dresses. If they are long, we’ll trip and fall and if they are short, we kinda feel naked a little. We still need those legs to be covered!

article-2287314-186784C8000005DC-260_1024x615_largeUnwanted Comments When We Actually Dress Up
Here’s a thing we face as well. We HATE when people comment if we get dressed up. Even though we usually choose not to, we do know how to dress up on occasion. So, don’t go like “OMG! You look like a real girl” because last time I checked I WAS A GIRL!
You Probs Won’t Catch Us Wearing Pink

We don’t do pink, and if we did, we mix it with another color. Black, for example.

We Use the “Bro” Lingo

We sometimes talk like boys. We do use the words “Yasta and Ya 3am,” which can lead to some funny looks from those around us.