You know the couples who have clean breakups, those who stay friends and supportive of one another even after they leave each other? Yeah, of course, you have no idea what that is! You hate all your exes, and planned their murders a gazillion times in your mind. The fact that some people stay friends after a breakup baffles you. You don’t get it, and probably never will. You probably hear some things, and witness some situations that your hateful little mind will never fathom. Don’t worry though, you are definitely not alone. There are too many of us out there who also don’t get along with their exes, and share your confused thoughts.

When your friend tells you about her breakup, and says it went great

How can a breakup go great? How are you guys still friends? Why are you lying to me? I trusted you!

When you tell someone about your breakup and they ask if you’re both still good together

How can we be good together? We just broke up; how will we remain friends? Did you even hear what I said?

When your friend takes her ex out with you

You’d think she’s invited him so you two could knock him out together, then realize he’s actually out to chill with you. You feel very puzzled and not sure how to react or deal with both of them.

When you think they’re only taking a break, but the break lasts for years

They broke up, but decided to stay friends because they’ll definitely get back together. We all know that!

*waits for 10 years*

They might still get back together…

When they don’t eventually kiss and make up…

What kind of sorcery is this? How can they not have feelings again? Is this even humanly possible?

When you try to stay friends with your ex, but fail miserably

Seeing how close some exes are, you try to have the same relationship with your ex too. Reality is, it turns out to be a very awkward experience at which you fail miserably.

When you find exes attending each other’s weddings

Seriously now? This is just getting out of hand…