Many of us were sent to an all-girls Egyptian school! They tend to have a good reputation amongst parents for some reason! And therefore, they were glad to get rid of us there! Here’s a list of all the things you’ve probably experienced if you did attend an all-girls school!

1- You barely cared about how you lookedlolll

Hardly anyone wore make-up, did their hair, etc. We didn’t really care. When you see the same girls everyday, there comes a point where you just don’t care how you look like. You don’t mind them seeing you at your worst, because you’ve probably seen them at their worst too.

2- There was this one man professor everyone had a crush onezzie

You know that one male professor who had all the female hormones in the class raging as soon as he stepped in? We all wanted to talk to him or actually had a crush on him. He was probably young, so it wasn’t too weird. But, still pretty inappropriate.

3- Those reunions where we talked about ‘taboo’ topics

Two Young Women Whispering --- Image by © Templer/Corbis

Every now and then, you’d see your classmates gathered during recess, where they’d talk about ‘taboo’ subjects such as sex for instance. There were always the ‘pros’ and those who knew nothing. Those who knew a little bit of info had probably inherited all of their knowledge from their older sisters. They’d make fun and pity those who knew nothing. That was how the hierarchy worked. We’d all get excited to listen and talk about these things which very few people had spoken to us about.

4- It was the talk of the day when you had finally gotten your periodblood

That probably happened during 5th or 6th grade, when you absolutely HAD to tell your group that you had gotten your period. It wasn’t something to be proud of, but for some reason, it was mandatory to share the news with the rest of the group. We’d count the girls who got their periods already as well as the few who were still waiting to get it.

5- Sharing with your whole class how much leg hair you hadhair

Since you’re all girls, you probably didn’t care as much about shaving your leg/arm. Somehow, there were always a few girls who liked to share all of these details with the rest of the class. “Look at my bushy legs everyone! HAHA”, and the whole class would gasp in surprise.

6- If it was a nun’s school, you’d feel like a rebel if you had nail polish onwild-child

If you attended a school run by nuns, you’d know that there were a lot of restrictions. Pull your hair up, wear black shoes, wear a black head-band, wear white socks, no nail polish, nothing that adds colour to anything. And so, sometimes you’d go to school with nail polish on and you’d feel like such a rebel, and it felt great.

7-There were the constant rumours about two girls being lesbians, because they scratched each other’s backs. Lol.meannn

There were always these two girls everyone talked about, thinking they were lesbians when they most probably weren’t. But people liked to talk. It usually resulted from really silly stuff like scratching each other’s backs for instance. Looking back now, this probably ranks highest in terms of stupidity.

8- And obviously all the excessive gossiping about who had a boyfriend mean-girls

Oh, and once one of the girls had a boyfriend, she naturally became the talk of the town (class). We’d all ask her questions to see what the magical world of relationships has to offer. Then, we’d proceed to talk about it for a few days. That’s why some preferred to keep it a secret, but nothing escaped gossip to be honest.

Things managed to get really mean sometimes, but it was still some of the best years of our life. 

  • That’s a good topic, I wish you make the male version of it .. believe me it would much fun :’D