Single-sex schooling has been mainly advocated on the basis of tradition as well as religion and culture. The pros and cons are numerous, but, at this modern day and age, does any of that really matter! Does only boys/girls schooling affect us? Here are the most enjoyable moments!!

As an only-school boy graduate, here is what I discovered:

1- Parents and teachers are always concerned about homosexuality “law walad ya 7abeeby geh 2alak ta3ala a2olak 7aga ta7t el selem ew3a tesma3 kalamo”


2- You don’t get to bring sandwiches with you. Especially “Nutella” aw “Panee” este7ala takolha lewa7dak. Akhrak gebna roumy!

3- You have to know how to play soccer and if not, you’ll have to be really funny or else you’ll get bullied.

4- It’s totally okay that your teacher call you “ya me3a****”.

5- You won’t be embarrassed if a teacher hits you or yells at you.. bel 3aks, it becomes really funny when you’re all the same sex! Mafish e7rag.


6- “Yabny enta magnoun? Ana sa7ebt 20 mara abl keda w 3amalt kaza w kaza w kaza” I’m pretty sure you did that when you wet yourself while sleeping.

7- Lamet el ekshak w sabraset el sagayer before and after school.

8- It’s not shameful to walk during breaks or sit in class w fih khorm fe bantalonak.. because of SOCCER !

9- Test 7amama 3al 3arda. Bas keda!

10- You don’t stay 30 mins daily in the bathroom trying to make yourself look better to attract the opposite sex! es7a men el nom w enzel 3alatoul. Kajwal.

11- Of course, El omaha da3ya 3aleha; the school’s hottest teacher w 7aflet el saba7 wel masa2!

12- We’re happy to go to “El derous el khesouseya” .. HANSHOUF BANATTTTTT !