source: Zaki Shan

In a world where parents name kids names like Jarwan and Aileen and Nourseen, we might think like we’ve seen it all and nothing will truly shock us.


Right at that very moment, we’ve all made a terrible mistake and invited the worst to come and prove us totally wrong.

If you thought you were ready for this, take a rain check because we’re about to go in.

Zo2 and Ensaneya

Manners are something that just aren’t indispensable these days, are they? We all need them, especially in these trying times.

However, there is also a line that must not be crossed when it comes to manners. Naming your child “manners“, in the literal sense, is perhaps where that line is drawn.

Another testament to the mindful manners movement, Ensaneya is another name that will get your child bullied in school. You know kids are cruel; why would you do this?

Fun fact: Ensaneya is Zo2’s sibling.

tweet zo2


Although this is an odd name to have, it’s not exactly new, as per novelist Ahdaf Soueif.

We can only imagine what the author feels like when hearing the phrase “(anything) goals“.

Ahdaf Soueif

Saly 3ala El-Naby

There is a healthy medium between being religious and being, well, silly.

There is nothing to say here but why? Why would you do this? You know we can all get booked for blasphemy if we curse this man, right?

saly 3ala elnaby

Yehia El-Horeya

Interestingly, this name comes with a heavy side of historical learning.

You see, it was all the rage in the year 1919, right after the 1919 Revolution. Right alongside names like Taheya Masr and other patriotic, freedom-loving names.

You might have heard about one of the famous examples of this name. Like who? Famous footballer Yehia El-Horeya Emam for one.

Yehia Emam
Yehia Emam training his son


This one is presented with much comment, mostly because there is nothing to say.

This child is going to go through hell in school, just saying.

Balsam tweet


This name is a bit archaic, so we might have expected it to stay in the past where it belonged.

However, some people do pick this name for their babies. Yes, they’re all fully aware we all think of Hayatem, God rest her soul, when we hear it.


Of course, this won’t stop us from going all out and start experimenting with names, even if they have terrible meanings.

We’re creative people after all.