In an initiation, the first of its kind, Egyptian police forces took the victim’s side in a case of sexual harassment after the harasser was set free by people on the street!

The story began when a girl was walking the streets of Downtown and was verbally harassed by a guy, who is said to be a college student, and the situation escalated even further when he physically assaulted her!

Naturally, people gathered and started breaking up the feud and as the habit goes, they let the guy get away with it. Saying how he’s too young or how it might even be the girl’s fault!

The girl, too emotionally and psychologically overwhelmed to report her case right away, went home and only wrote about it on her Facebook page. Thinking it would go unnoticed like any other street harassment incident.

Luckily, this wasn’t the case at all! In an interesting turn of events, policemen at Kasr El Nile Police Station heard of her story and immediately took the right measures on their own!

They found video footage witnessing to the girl’s assault and gathered information of the whereabouts of the guy who harassed her and arrested him. Then, they contacted the girl and asked her to come in and testify.

Being a first in the Egyptian history for street crimes, we can’t help but wonder, could this be the start of a new era where harassment is taken more seriously?

We’re not saying that this will solve all of our problems with street crimes and harassment, but it will most probably decrease them a significant amount!

When sexual predators out there hear of such case, they will definitely think twice before cat-calling or touching a girl on the street!

Which is why we found it of great importance to spread the news and call for all the Egyptian police forces to follow in the footsteps of the folks at Kasr El Nile!

Let’s use this to try and make our streets safer for Egyptian women who have suffered a lot and continue to suffer on daily basis.

Hats off to the policemen down at the Kasr El Nile Police Station. You guys are setting a great example!